Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Obama Wins NC -- Hillary Wins IN

Hillary sounded mellow and reconciliatory after winning Indiana Tuesday night, but vowed to fight on -- and count the votes in Florida and Michigan. The election is too close to end it prematurely! We'll see how that works when they check the finances tomorrow.

Obama took North Carolina by a large margin.

Communist AIDS Plot -- No Wonder The Far Left Bought It

With documentation from KGB archives, British historian Christopher Andrew and former KGB agent Vasili Mitrokhin revealed nearly a decade ago that the AIDS-virus story originated in the 1980s as part of Soviet anti-American active measures or disinformation. The story swept through the Third World and was also reported in some Western media. After the story was discredited, in 1987 the Kremlin informed US officials in Moscow "that the story was officially disowned" and "Soviet media coverage of it came to an abrupt halt" although "it continued to circulate for several years in the Third World and the more gullible sections of the Western media." Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin, The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB pp.244-45, 428 & 484 (1999).

In 1992, two former officers of the East German intelligence service, the Stasi, published a book in which they described how they collaborated with the KGB to promote the AIDS disinformation, using Russian-born East German professor Dr. Jakob Segal. This is mentioned in John O. Koehler's 1999 book, Stasi: The Untold Story of the East German Secret Police.

Former KGB officer Oleg Gordievsky admitted the Soviet KGB role in spreading the AIDS charge against the U.S. in his 1990 book, The KGB - The Inside Story. Gordievsky called the charge a "fabrication" that "also took in some of the Western media." The leading Soviet AIDS expert, Viktor M. Zhdanov, also repudiated the anti-American charge

American Thinker Blog
(By the way, American Thinker is adding comments to their blog May 15, 2008)

Save The World -- Ignore An Environmentalist!

Running diesel vehicles on biofuels is a good thing, right? Not always, according to Greenpeace Argentina. It seems that the export of soybeans from Argentina is causing more pollution than was initially estimated. Also, too much of Argentina's native forests are being mowed down for the soybeans. These issues are in stark contrast with two of Greenpeace's stated charters: (1) catalyzing an energy revolution to address the number one threat facing our planet: climate change and (2) supporting sustainable agriculture by encouraging socially and ecologically responsible farming practices.

Oops, messed up again! We really don't know what we're doing when it comes to the environment.
Autoblog --Greenpeace builds Cayenne and M-Class bulldozers for some reason or another

An Open Letter To Environmentalists

An open letter from John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel, and Chief Meteorologist of KUSI-TV in San Diego.

Thank you for your dedication to protecting our environment. Clean air and clean water are essential to preserving life on planet Earth. Protecting all species and natural lands and forests are admirable priorities. Recycling and a green lifestyle are wonderful. Making the environment the most important thing in your life is a good thing, not a problem. I support you.

But we do have a problem. You have vigorously embraced the Global Warming predictions of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and are using the warning of uncontrollable warming and a resulting environmental calamity to campaign for elimination of fossil fuels. Your environmentally conscious friends in politics and in the media have united with you to create a barrage of news reports, documentaries, TV feature reports, movies, books, concerts and protest events to build support for your goals. The war against fossil fuels has become a massive scare campaign that is giving children nightmares.

Here’s what’s wrong with that: the science is not valid. There is no Global Warming underway and the science on which the computer projections of weather chaos are based is wrong. Dead wrong.

I know many scientists are part of your movement and they have tried hard to give your uncontrollable climate change panic a scientific basis. The UN Climate Change Panel has a large staff, a big budget, a headquarters in Geneva and a strong champion in Al Gore to lead the charge. And thousands of well-intentioned politicians and the media of the world have supported your movement. It must seem to you that there can be no doubt: fossil fuels are destroying the environment and will lead to uncontrollable global warming unless we act now. With all that powerful support for your anti-fossil fuel movement, and with the worthy goal of saving the planet from the disastrous consequences of runaway Global Warming, how can you fail?

Here’s how: The science behind your global warming scare is bad and no anthropogenic global warming is happening. Dissenting scientists have now produced convincing evidence that the cornerstone of your scientific argument, increased atmospheric carbon dioxide forcing a rapid, irreversible rise in temperature, is invalid. All of the various “signs of global warming” you have so widely publicized have been proven wrong. They are normal variations in climate that result mostly from the cycles of the Sun. As the Sun cycle has changed in the last three or four years, they have reversed themselves. Arctic ice melting and polar bears dying, shrinkage of glaciers and the rise of ocean levels, increased intensity and number of hurricanes and intensified droughts have all been touted as signs of global warming. They are not. They are part of this natural variation in climate. The intensified hurricane claim never happened. Katrina was an isolated, random event. The droughts are part of the natural cycle and are reversing at this time. Glaciers are stabilizing. The Arctic ice cap is already back to normal.

Here is what I am suggesting you do. Campaign for your environmental goals on the basis of their own merit. Let go of the global warming frenzy before it leaves you discredited and embarrassed. Stop screaming, “The sky is falling.” It is not.

Do your good work. Devote your lives to our environment. In many ways you will succeed. We are all grateful for your love of the planet. But, don’t use scare tactics.

Most of all I urge you not to become extremists. And, may I encourage you to live your lives in a loving way, love your fellow human beings and our wonderful advanced standard of living and way of life as much as you love the Earth.

My very best regards,

John Coleman

P.s. - If you will read my briefs on the science that debunks the global warming frenzy and follow the links there, you will begin to realize the folly of Global Warming.

Go to ICECAP.us for a starter.JC


Entire open letter taken from Watts Up With That

Iran Exporting Terrorism -- Says Former Iranian President

Former Iranian president Mohamad Khatami was under fire from hardliners on Monday after comments interpreted as accusing the country's clerical leaders of supporting insurgents in the Middle East.

The hardline Kayhan newspaper accused the reformist Khatami of tarnishing the Islamic republic's reputation by implying it was carrying out "sabotage" work in other countries through insurgent groups.

In his speech, Khatami referred to the ambition of Iran's revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to export the 1979 Islamic revolution around the world, but expressed fear this wish was being distorted.

"What did the imam (Khomeini) mean by exporting the revolution?" he asked in the speech Friday to university students in the northern province of Gilan, according to the Kargozaran newspaper.

"Did he mean that we take up arms, that we blow up places in other nations and we create groups to carry out sabotage in other countries? The imam was vehemently against this and was confronting it," he added.

His speech has been seen by some observers as accusing the Iranian authorities of encouraging militants to destabilize the Middle East, in particular Iraq and Lebanon.

AFP Via:
Gateway Pundit --Former Iranian President Accuses Regime of Exporting Terrorism

Chavez, FARC, and the Dems


Instapundit reported the news from El Universal:

The information found in the computers of the deceased leader of the rebel Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), Raúl Reyes, was not manipulated by Colombian authorities, according to an Interpol's report to be released next May 15, as disclosed by Bogota El Tiempo daily newspaper.
There is a partial list of what Colombian investigators found on the FARC terror leader's computer at Gateway Pundit including:
-- Records of $300 million offerings from Hugo Chavez
-- Admit to killing the sister of former President Cesar Gaviria
-- Directions on how to make a Dirty Bomb
-- Information that led to the discovery of 60 pounds of uranium
-- Links to US Democrats

Read the whole list at Gateway Pundit.

Burma Tragedy, Death Toll Mounting

Foreign aid workers in Burma have concluded that as many as 50,000 people died in Saturday’s cyclone, and two to three million are homeless, in a disaster whose scale invites comparison with the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

The official death count after Cyclone Nargis is 15,000, and the Thai Foreign Minister says he has been told that 30,000 people are missing. But due to the incompleteness of the information from the stricken Irrawaddy delta, UN and charity workers in the city of Rangoon privately believe that the number will eventually be several times higher.
Burma Tragedy

Official numbers on TV were just raised to 23,000 dead. No wonder Mrs. Bush made an appeal to the military Junta to open up and accept aid.
Times UK Online

First The UN Raped The People Then They Killed The Elephants!

Here’s a nice dilemma for Lefties. What if UN peacekeepers in the Congo turn out to have been encouraging elephant poaching? Would they continue to give the organisation their unconditional support?

The UN gets away with an extraordinary amount. Because it is thought to embody a lofty ideal, many liberal-minded people are prepared to overlook what it actually does. Never mind that it betrayed the Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica. Never mind that its officials were illicitly running oil-for-food scams with Saddam. Never mind that it ordered its local commander not to seize the arms caches that were about to be used for the Rwandan genocide. Never mind that its officials have now been accused of selling arms to the Congolese militias. At least it means well.

I’ve argued before that, for many Lefties, intentions seem to matter more than outcomes. But how bad do the outcomes have to be before intentions are no longer an excuse? What has to happen before people face up to the real UN (or EU or IOC or whatever) instead of fantasising about some abstract one?

Daniel Hannan Telegraph UK Blogs

"Doesn't Help My Kids"

“Do you personally feel that the Reverend betrayed your husband?” asked Meredith Vieira on The Today Show.

“You know what I think, Meredith?” replied Michelle Obama. “We’ve got to move forward. You know, this conversation doesn’t help my kids.”

Hang on. “My” kids? You’re supposed to say “It’s about the future of all our children,” not “It’s about the future of my children” — whose parents happen to have a base salary of half a million bucks a year. But even this bungled cliché nicely captures the campaign’s self-absorption: Talking about Obama’s pastor is a distraction from talking about Obama’s kids.

By the way, the best response to Michelle’s “this conversation doesn’t help my kids” would be: “But entrusting their religious upbringing to Jeremiah Wright does?” Ah but, happily, Meredith Vieira isn’t that kind of interviewer.

Mark Steyn -- National Review Oline

Congress Is To Blame For Gas Prices!

If anyone is to blame for our current energy mess, it's Congress. At least 20 billion barrels of oil sit untapped in Alaska and another 30 billion lie offshore. Such sources that could help satisfy U.S. demand for years to come. Yet, Congress has put them out of bounds.
Besides, we've tried windfall profits taxes before, in the early 1980s, and they were an utter failure. As the Congressional Research Service found, revenues produced for the government were nearly 75% below what was expected. Meanwhile, domestic oil output fell 8%, while oil imports surged 16%.

That's just poor policy, and even worse economics.

Remember: Oil companies don't really pay "windfall profit" taxes, anyway. You do. Some 50 million Americans today own oil company stock, either directly or through 401(k)s and mutual funds. Don't be suckered: "Windfall profits" taxes come right out of your retirement account, not out of the oil industry's business.

Oh sure, Big Oil's profits are up. But so are the taxes they pay. In 2006, that came to $90 billion — up 334% in just four years.

This is how Clinton-style populism works. It starts with ignorance and ends with serious damage to our economy.

Oil prices aren't high because profits are up; they're high because we don't have enough oil. By clamping down on drilling, refusing to move forward on nuclear energy and hitting producers with punitive taxes, Congress is doing all it can to ensure we don't have enough in the future.


Investors Business Daily

Why Are Liberals So Bummed Out?

Why are liberals so bummed out?
Liberals are more likely to feel like victims and feel that collective action is the best way to make things happen. That may be right, but it's a frustrating way to live. The Democratic Party is a coalition of oppressed groups. These are legitimate grievances in a lot of cases, but that does not make for a happy party.
Conservatives have a different orientation. Conservatives think there is a lot of opportunity in America. A lot of liberals feel this way, too, but conservatives overwhelmingly believe if you go around and work hard and persevere, you're going to get ahead, as opposed to you are a victim of circumstance or oppression and you are screwed in life. Again, that might be right, but it's not happy.

US News -- Why Conservatives Say They Are Happier Then Liberals

North Carolina and Indiana's Day!

It's primary day again ... seriously, again!

Politico offered great coverage of Pennsylvania throughout the day and should do so again today.
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