Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two Surges That Are Working!

Meanwhile, the president of the San Francisco Fed is sounding cautiously optimistic about the economy.


Democrats counting on the two issues of Iraq and the US economy to help them this November, need to start paying attention. The reality is that in both instances, a “surge” has brought stability out of the turmoil. The comparison is obvious.

And George W. Bush isn’t running for the third term.

Say Anything Blog --The “Other” Surge - A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Chicago Politics At It's...

The founder of Chicago's "Black Disciples" and co-founder of the violent "Gangster Disciples" was remembered this Memorial Day with a parade held in his honor.
The Gangster Disciples is one of the largest criminal organizations in the United States.

Chicago's radical politics. Obama/Wright brand!
Gateway Pundit --
Chicago Celebrates Memorial Day with Parade Honoring Dead Gang Leader

Vets Wonder Why Obama Won't Meet Petraeus -- Part II

Vets For Freedom
Via Ace Of Spades

Who Better?

Liberals view talk as an end in itself. They never think through how these talks will proceed, which is why Chamberlain ended up giving away Czechoslovakia. He didn't leave for Munich planning to do that. It is simply the inevitable result of talking with madmen without a clear and obtainable goal. Without a stick, there's only a carrot.

The only explanation for liberals' hysterical zealotry in favor of Obama's proposed open-ended talks with Ahmadinejad is that they seriously imagine crazy foreign dictators will be as charmed by Obama as cable TV hosts whose legs tingle when they listen to Obama (a condition that used to be known as "sciatica").

Because, really, who better to face down a Holocaust denier with a messianic complex than the guy who is afraid of a debate moderated by Brit Hume?


Manufacturing Numbers Up!

Resurgence in US manufacturing? What?
Bless that falling dollar!


Fox News -- 77th Month On Top

For the 77th consecutive month, FNC finished first in total day and prime time ratings during May. FNC was the sixth highest rated cable network on all of basic cable during prime time for the month (CNN and MSNBC finished 19th and 26th) and the seventh rated network in total day (CNN and MSNBC were 19th and 27th).
TV Newser -- May ratings, FNC Stays On Top

Comcast Down Two Nights -- All Night!

Wow, two nights with Comcast down. Last night it was not only the internet but the TV as well.

They had two trucks, a van, and a mobile lab/repair trailer with it's own generator and everything right down the road.

Last night they claimed it was scheduled maintenance, but as I asked them, "Since Comcast took over from Insight you have sent me 3 messages on the box about PPV WWE events, but you can't send me a message telling me you're going to shut me down all night?"

I know of no one who has been happy with Comcast since the transition earlier this year from Insight. Don't get me wrong, their customer service is friendly, but so far the internet is slow and unreliable.

Lets hope last nights maintenance takes care of that!

Wow, it looks like Comcast had their entire Email system hacked last night:
Blogosphere: Comcast Web Site, Email Hacked
Cable giant Comcast had its Web site and possibly some subscriber email accounts hacked early Thursday morning, according to numerous reports online.
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