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History According To Obama -- Or Liberties With The Truth?

GUANTANAMO VS. NUREMBERG. "In short, the procedural protections afforded the Guantanamo detainees under the statute before the Supreme Court in Boumediene . . . substantially exceed those accorded the Nuremberg defendants. Obama's unfavorable comparison of the legal treatment of the Guantanamo detainees with that of the Nuremberg defendants suggests either that he does not know what he's talking about, or that he feels free to take great liberties with the truth."

A Sign Of Durbin's Times!

In June I commuted for an hour and a half each way and learned what the radical increase in gas prices means. One day while stopped at a busy intersection, two demonstrators came out with signboards strapped to them. One said something like: Al Gore fell on his head at birth. Drill for oil now! The appearance of such demonstrators is a sign of the times.

John McCain for President and Steve Sauerberg for U.S. Senator from Illinois are calling for nuclear power as well as more domestic oil drilling. Meanwhile, Democrats Obama and Dick Durbin do nothing on drilling. Recently Obama appeared with Al Gore in a show of Democratic unity. It unites him with the excess environmentalism of the past, which has been a stumbling block of Democratic candidates.

Durbin has been in Washington for decades and had ample time to fix the oil crisis. Obama is backed by a lot of western state environmentalists, as opposed to the blue collar people who backed Hillary and who need gas for their jobs. The Democrats continue to have a disdain for the average voters who need gas for their jobs.

We need to get new leadership now. For a change, see, and

James Thompson

Crystal Lake
Daily Herald Letters To The Editor

Via Steve Sauerberg for US Senate
Texas will go ahead with the scheduled Aug. 5 execution of Houston rapist-killer Jose Medellin despite Wednesday’s United Nations world court order for a stay, a spokesman for Gov. Rick Perry said.

The U.N.’s International Court of Justice’s call for stays in the cases of Medellin and four other Mexican nationals awaiting execution in Texas came in response to a petition filed last month by the Mexican government.


Perry’s office dismissed the argument.

“The world court has no standing in Texas and Texas is not bound by a ruling or edict from a foreign court,” Perry spokesman Robert Black said. “It is easy to get caught up in discussions of international law and justice and treaties. It’s very important to remember that these individuals are on death row for killing our citizens.”
Houston Chronicle

Democrats Anti-Competition Energy Bill

The bill, which the House was to vote on later on Thursday, has a "use it or lose it" provision that requires oil companies to diligently develop their existing federal leases or turn them back to the government before they could obtain new acres to drill.

"By blocking some firms from competing for new leases, this legislation would further increase gasoline prices that already exceed $4 per gallon and result in unintended consequences due to litigation," the White House said in a statement.
Reuters -- White House threatens to veto drilling legislation.

Green Fantasies -- Failing Economy!

As a disreputable sort, I freely confess to having a fondness for oil. Actually, I have a mild crush on all carbon-emitting fuels that feed our prosperity. But I'm especially fond of cheap oil. For many years, those who spread apocalyptic global-warming scenarios have warned me that a collective national sacrifice was needed to save the world.

One option, we were told, was to make gas artificially expensive, forcing our ignorant, energy-gobbling neighbors to alter their destructive habits.

Well, here we are. At $4 a gallon for gas, we already have a flailing economy. Isn't it glorious? And isn't it exactly what many environmentalists desired?

The problem is that there is no feasible "alternative" fuel that can haul food from farms to cities, produce affordable electricity for your plasma TV and drive your kids to school. Not yet. It can happen, of course, but only (to pinch a word from enlightened grocery shoppers) organically.

The problem is that when "green" fantasies crash onto the shores of economic reality (as they did with corn-based ethanol), we all suffer.

Don't worry, though, congressional Democrats have a bold plan. Hold on for 10 or 15 years and they'll have a bounty of energy options. They promise. But no oil shale. No clean coal. No nuclear power. And definitely no more oil.
Denver Post - Faster, Washington! Drill, Drill! 

Daily Trek -- July 19, 2008

What'd I miss?

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Is there a new Obama tape out there to spread rumors about?  How about Barack reciting the daily call to prayer for Islam in Arabic?  This one could really turn up, but it is worth noting that these rumors keep coming from the left.

Colonel Bud Day, the most decorated man alive today, shocked the left when he said, "The Muslims have said either we kneel or they're going to kill us. I don't intend to kneel and I don't advocate to anybody that we kneel, and John doesn't advocate to anybody that we kneel."

Oil prices fell for the fourth straight session.

The top 1% of wage earners pay a higher percentage of the nations taxes then ever before, but the left still decry the tax cuts.

Did John McCain go too far when he claimed we are succeeding and have succeeded in Iraq?  We'll have to see but if the terrorists attacks he expects in Iraq occur this could be played against him.

"But few Iraqis appear to support a full-scale American withdrawal under current conditions. Many fear that could undercut recent security gains and open the door to greater influence by Iran with Shiite militias — a charge that Tehran denies."

The first of the Iraqi War deserters have been deported from Canada to face court martial and possible punishment here at home.

Obama and the Democrats are beholden to the Teachers Unions, enough so that Obama has flipped his opinion on vouchers!

Obama supporters did what fanatics often to, they set fire to the tree of a Clinton supporter who has decided to vote for McCain over their messiah!

As ForThe Press -- Guys, Hey Guys, You there?

He says drill. Oil prices drop immediately. The press doesn’t see the connection.

And on top of that, dropping oil prices now are a bad thing.

To recap: President Bush officially announced at a press conference a lift on the presidential ban on offshore drilling — at 10:20 a.m. on Tuesday.

At 11 a.m. on Tuesday, oil prices began a slide from about $145 a barrel to just under $130.

That’s a 10% drop.

How has the press reported this?
Read the summary of the reportage, but needless to say they mentioned just about everything but the above.
Don Surber -- Ignoring Bush

Obama Begins His Rainbow Tour! -- Day 1

There you are, I told you so
Makes no difference where she goes
The whole world over just the same
Just listen to them call her name
And who would underestimate the actress now? 

Evita - Rainbow Tour

Barack Obama begins his much hyped overseas trip today.  There hasn't been a trip this widely anticipated and hyped since Eva Peron wowed, if not the people of Europe then certainly the people of Argentina.

US Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama has arrived in Afghanistan, at the start of a high-profile international tour. BBC News

I'm sure that the Obama camp is hoping for great results here at home, and he shouldn't have too hard a time achieving that goal with the fawning press coverage he is almost certain to garner.

However he has to be extremely cautious as there are many who will question why a presidential candidate is campaigning in Europe.  The fact finding in Iraq and Afghanistan are a different story.

There is a very real danger that the sight of huge crowds of Europeans fawning and fainting over the candidate could backfire.  There will be little campaign control over the coverage of the events and Obama and the very supportive media could easily become too exuberant and play to the crowd to the detriment of his national standing.   Most Americans still believe in nationalism versus internationalism despite the outdated and exageraged press coverage of how damaged our image has become overseas.

I fully expect his prepared remarks to reinforce a kinder brand of nationalism that seems to encompass the world, but his off the cuff remarks and those crowd shots could give ammunition to McCain if used to emphasize American interests versus the interests of Europe.
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