Thursday, May 15, 2008

Obama Capitulates -- Agrees Bush Foreign Policy Is Correct

Today in a stunning turn of events Barack Obama gave the nod to President Bush's foreign policy and agreed, almost completely, with his stance on Iran.

“Let’s not confuse precondition with preparation,” said Gibbs of any talks with Iran. “Obviously these meetings would be full of preparation. But we’re not going to sit down and engage Iran, unless or until they give up their nuclear weapons program.[”]
Obama Communications Director Robert Gibbs

It has been pointed out repeatedly that Obama's original position (yep, there is video AND text from his own website both at Hot Air) Captain Ed points out at Hot Air:
Without preconditions. That means without Iran guaranteeing anything, let alone the big prize of their nuclear program. Gibbs’ statement makes absolutely no sense in context of Bush’s remarks or Obama’s previous statements. If Iran gave up its nuclear weapons program today, Bush would open diplomatic contacts with Iran and might even consider a summit. He’s made that very clear over the last few years, holding out WTO sponsorship and normalized relations in exchange for just that concession.If Obama now says he won’t meet with Iran until they surrender their nuclear-weapons program, how exactly does that differ from Bush? And how does that fit with his previous statements about having talks “without preconditions”?

He concluded with:
If Gibbs wants to eliminate the confusion on these points, then he needs to start with Barack Obama, who apparently has no clue what preconditions mean. Maybe he should have learned that before running for President.


Sean Penn -- Obama Voted Inhuman and Unconstitutional?

”I don't have a candidate I'm supporting and I'm certainly interested and excited by the hope that Barack Obama is inspiring,” he said, but went on to accuse him of a “phenomenally inhuman and unconstitutional” voting record.

What the hell is Sean Penn saying? Obama's ultra liberal voting record is unconstitutional?

Penn Continued:

”I hope that he will understand, if he is the nominee, the degree of disillusionment that will happen if he doesn't become a greater man than he will ever be,” Penn said. “This is the most important election, certainly in my lifetime, and maybe ever.”

This is the active threat from the far left. They are frustrated as hell with congressional failure to implement their agenda, particularly on the war. If Obama thinks he is going to do the same thing, appeal to the left to get elected then acting realistic he has another think coming.

There is a great risk here that an Obama presidency would be disastrous for the Democrats as well as the country on the whole. If he goes with the far left he will alienate the center and right -- the majority of the country. If he doesn't go with the far left he will alienate them causing them to become even more vocally radical.

Remember, the only Democrat elected to the White House in the last three decades is the candidate that chose the moderate middle ground (and never achieved 50 % of the popular vote). If Obama is picked it will be for the reason Carter was picked, and most likely with the same results.


Telegraph UK

Failed Policies Of The Past Are Not Change

The Misery Index currently stands at 8 (5% unemployment and 3% inflation).

Toward the end of the Carter administration, the administration that best reflects the policies Barack Obama espouses the Misery Index stood at 22 (7.8% unemployment and 14.58% inflation).

If Obama wants to link McCain to a third Bush term he better be careful of who he is emulating himself.

I'd take a third Bush term with an 8 on the misery over a second Carter term at 22 any day!

The RNC noticed the similarities and made this effective ad:

Obama is proposing, "change," but his change idea of change is to go back to policies that failed the American people.

Will America vote for a third Carter term with policies that failed, miserably, so miserably in fact that they topped out the Misery Index at it's highest point since 1948?

What Is A Conservative?

To be a conservative is, in my definition, is somebody that believes in the power of the individual, somebody that believes, please let me make my decisions, that I have a right to succeed and not be penalized for it. I have a right to fail and have no one run to me if I don't want them to run to me. A conservative believes I have a right to manage my family, I have a right to discipline my family in the way I see fit, as long as it is not criminal. A conservative believes I have the right to worship God, I have a right to worship the God of my understanding, and I do not have the right to jam my version of God down anybody else's throat or my version of no God down anybody's throat. A conservative believes live and let live. That's what a conservative believes. A conservative believes in the smallest amount of government, the smallest government you can get without anarchy. That's what a conservative believes.

Glen Beck

Femanist, Racist, or Just Funny

Getting sick of the whole racism charge? So are Jackie and Dunlap!

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