Thursday, May 15, 2008

Failed Policies Of The Past Are Not Change

The Misery Index currently stands at 8 (5% unemployment and 3% inflation).

Toward the end of the Carter administration, the administration that best reflects the policies Barack Obama espouses the Misery Index stood at 22 (7.8% unemployment and 14.58% inflation).

If Obama wants to link McCain to a third Bush term he better be careful of who he is emulating himself.

I'd take a third Bush term with an 8 on the misery over a second Carter term at 22 any day!

The RNC noticed the similarities and made this effective ad:

Obama is proposing, "change," but his change idea of change is to go back to policies that failed the American people.

Will America vote for a third Carter term with policies that failed, miserably, so miserably in fact that they topped out the Misery Index at it's highest point since 1948?

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