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Wow, Dem Staffer, (Not A)Baptist Minister (?) Shows Class -- Updated and Bumped

Bump and Update May 6, 3:51am
Turns out this guy wasn't a Baptist Minister at all:
Pastor Kirkland told me that Parrish is an inactive member of his church and that Parrish's claim to be a Baptist minister is erroneous. We had heard Saturday night from Parrish himself, who asserted indirectly that he was indeed a Baptist minister. I asked him to identify the institution that had ordained him and the church he serves. He wrote again last night with another brief message: "Thanks for your kind inquiry. I believe Brother Ron has satisfactorily answered both of the questions you posed."

Via Powerline Blog

BUMP AND UPDATE -- May 2, 2008 6:15pm

It seems this guy was a reporter for the Huffington Post -- Way to stay classy guys.

Marty Parrish is a Huffington Post contributor.

How do we know?
...Because, that's how he registered when he arrived at the event yesterday.

There is a copy of the sign in sheet at the link

Gateway Pundit -- BUSTED!! McCain's "C*nt Questioner" Is a Huffpo Reporter!! ...Update: It Was a Team Effort!

Original Post Follows:

Dem Operative Asks McCain If He Called His Wife a C*nt ...Update: He Ran Biden's Office- Is an Obama Supporter!


Gateway Pundit
See the Video Here

Dem Incoherent Jumble Policies

JOHN HINDERAKER: "The Democrats' domestic policies are an incoherent jumble: they want lower gasoline and heating oil prices, but they block the very things, oil drilling and the construction of new refineries, that would actually reduce them. At the same time, for reasons of 'climate change,' they want less consumption of oil and gas, which implies higher, not lower, prices." I think they want higher prices, but without taking responsibility for that outcome. In which case there's nothing incoherent about the approach at all.


Economy Refuses To Cooperate With The Left

This is important, not because there is a huge difference between +.6% and -.6%, but because the Democrats are using the presumed recession as a refutation of all of George Bush's economic policies of the last seven years, from the tax cuts forward. This is silly, but it will pass for truth unless someone stands up to it. That someone should be John McCain, who has in the past defended the "Bush economy" but more recently has seemed unwilling to do so. McCain seems overly eager, these days, to triangulate by distancing himself wherever possible from President Bush's record. The danger is that McCain will be perceived as different from Bush on every issue except the one where the President is truly unpopular, i.e., Iraq.

There are some very good points made in this post, read the whole thing.
Powerline -- The Rasputin Economy

Just Get Out Of The Way!

First and foremost, as a limited-government proponent, “sit idly by” is pretty much exactly what I want politicians to do. At least on the gas prices issue. Political solutions to high prices are almost always worse than the high prices themselves, and given that most liberals like Hillary Clinton support punishments for the oil industry in the form of new taxes and regulations (things that would only drive prices upward) that’s certainly true in this instance. Just last night Hillary was basically telling Bill O’Reilly that she’d like the government to regulate oil industry profits. That’s not anything any free-market loving American should want.

Say Anything Blog

Security Held Hostage By Politics and Lawyers

The next major expiration date in the FISA reform issue comes on Memorial Day. If the House does not approve the Protect America Act by that time, the NSA and other intel services will have to start requesting individual warrants for any surveillance involving American telecom switches, even when both ends of the communication lie outside the US. Blue Dog Democrats have begun to worry that the delay in House consideration of the bipartisan Senate compromise may hurt them in their election bids, and have begun to add their names to the discharge petition that will force Nancy Pelosi to schedule a vote.

This was held up over a provision that granted immunity to the phone companies for cooperating with the government in protecting America. Amazing, some lawyers want the option to sue and it puts us all at risk. Politics and money -- same old business.
Hot Air -- Will Blue Dogs get the FISA bill on the floor?

Sums It Up Nicely

"You find me a slate of candidates who actually believe in smaller government and I’ll find you a check.”


Via - Say Anything Blog

Krauthammer On Obama Wright

Obama's Philadelphia oration was an exercise in contextualization. In one particularly egregious play on white guilt, Obama had the audacity to suggest that whites should be ashamed that they were ever surprised by Wright's remarks: "The fact that so many people are surprised to hear that anger in some of Reverend Wright's sermons simply reminds us of the old truism that the most segregated hour of American life occurs on Sunday morning."

That was then. On Tuesday, Obama declared that he himself was surprised at Wright's outrages. But hadn't Obama told us that surprise about Wright is a result of white ignorance of black churches brought on by America's history of segregated services? How then to explain Obama's own presumed ignorance? Surely he too was not sitting in those segregated white churches on those fateful Sundays when he conveniently missed all of Wright's racist rants.

Obama's turning surprise about Wright into something to be counted against whites-- one of the more clever devices in that shameful, brilliantly executed, 5,000-word intellectual fraud in Philadelphia -- now stands discredited by Obama's own admission of surprise. But Obama's liberal acolytes are not daunted. They were taken in by the first great statement on race: the Annunciation, the Chosen One comes to heal us in Philly. They now are taken in by the second: the Renunciation.

Does this mean the conversation on race is over?


Charles Krauthammer -- The 'Race' Speech Revisited

Wright Impact

In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, the Wright impact is especially evident. Clinton now has a statistically insignificant two-point edge over Obama, 46% to 44%. However, that represents a ten-point swing since Wright’s press conference. Before Pastor Wright appeared at the National Press Club, Obama led Clinton by eight points…
Most voters (56%) say Obama denounced Wright because it was politically convenient. Only 33% believe he was truly outraged.

Hot Air -- Rasmussen: Ten-point swing towards Hillary since Wright’s presser three days ago
Update; More on the polls:
Dramatic shifts in polling results today, as Barack Obama’s support takes a serious hit after his way-too-late attempt to distance himself from the hate speech of Jeremiah Wright: RealClearPolitics - Election 2008 National Head-to-Head Polls.


Yea, The Issues!

Obama and Ayers (a professor of education) worked together on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge for several years in an ultimately unsuccessful effort to reform Chicago's public schools. The extent of their relationship is not clear, since Obama has been opaque on this topic both in a televised debate and at his website. However, Ayers was instrumental in founding the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and Obama was the group's first chairman, so there is something being concealed there.

Obama wants to get back to the issues, fine. What ever happened to this failed reform and how did that Annenberg Challenge go?
Just One Minute
Via - American Thinker Blog

Rockford Bloggers Update May 2, 2008

Here is an update on the Rockford Area Bloggers. If you are a Rockford area blogger or know of one let me know so I can add them to these updates. I would encourage you to visit them all!

The List:
I dropped the following due to inactivity: Rockford Area Affordable Housing Coalition, Mrs. Blue, Ryan Packer, Phil's Observations, The Speed Shop - The Bodyshop Blog, Tammi's World, Thermidor Rising, In The Mind of Malar , Brainspinning, and The Rockford Rascal .

The list is mainly from searches but it is really hard to find them so if you are a Rockford area blogger or know of one let me know so I can add them to these updates. There have to be more of us out there!

Update May 8, 2008:
Adding Back to The Batcave

Update May 14, 2008
Adding Drunken Wisdon -- A blogger from Stillman Valley (my old stompin grounds).

Update June 5, 2008
Adding Veritas Vos Liberat A Catholic blog blogging about the Rockford Diocese.

This Is In Their Backyard

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has implied Arab states could do more to help the Palestinians.

Without singling out specific Arab states for criticism, Ms Rice said they should focus on how much they can do - not how little - for the Palestinians.


US figures show that foreign donors have pledged $1.55bn - including $717m from Arab League members - in financial support to the Palestinian Authority this year.

But only $153m of Arab pledges have been delivered, all from three countries: Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Algeria.

They could have solved the Palestinian problem years ago if they wanted to -- but that would have removed one of their arguments against Israel. Perpetual victims bring attention.


BBC -- US rebuke over Palestinian funds

Glad To Help!

For all the liberal talk of George Bush and America not being kind, let this be a lesson for you. We're even obliging terrorists these days. Here, here!

"Our brother martyr Aden Hashi, has received what he was looking for — death for the sake of Allah — at the hands of the United States," Robow told The Associated Press by phone.

Riehl World View -- And They Say Americans Aren't Kind

An Obama Petard

The FEC cannot investigate a complaint by Democratic Sen. Barack Obama because he used a parliamentary trick to render it useless.

4 of the 6 positions on the Federal Elections Commission are vacant because Obama put a hold on one presidential appointment. This keeps the FEC from having a quorum, which keeps it from taking any action, which is useful when you are setting campaign fund-raising records from sources that seem dubious at best. Obama’s ties to ACORN show that he is not above looking the other way when the dead vote. Perhaps the dead can now make campaign contributions.

Obama filed a complaint with the FEC to stop the American Leadership Project from daring to criticize him in campaign ads, the AP reported.

Obama seems to have hoisted himself by his own petard. Ka-boom. Well, at least it is metaphor and not reality, unlike the members of his buddy Bill Ayers’s old group who really did blow themselves up building a bomb.


Don Surber --Obama outsmarts himself

I Think He is Done For Good This Time

Surprise: Freed Gitmo detainee carried out suicide bombing in Iraq

So says his cousin to Al Arabiya, relaying a phone call he got from a “friend” two weeks after our man went missing from home in Kuwait. When killers are released prematurely from U.S. prisons and go on to commit other heinous crimes, the media usually has a field day with it. (Ask Mike Huckabee.) Let’s see how much attention this gets by comparison.

Well, at least there is no longer a risk of recidivism.
Hot Air

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