Friday, May 2, 2008

Wow, Dem Staffer, (Not A)Baptist Minister (?) Shows Class -- Updated and Bumped

Bump and Update May 6, 3:51am
Turns out this guy wasn't a Baptist Minister at all:
Pastor Kirkland told me that Parrish is an inactive member of his church and that Parrish's claim to be a Baptist minister is erroneous. We had heard Saturday night from Parrish himself, who asserted indirectly that he was indeed a Baptist minister. I asked him to identify the institution that had ordained him and the church he serves. He wrote again last night with another brief message: "Thanks for your kind inquiry. I believe Brother Ron has satisfactorily answered both of the questions you posed."

Via Powerline Blog

BUMP AND UPDATE -- May 2, 2008 6:15pm

It seems this guy was a reporter for the Huffington Post -- Way to stay classy guys.

Marty Parrish is a Huffington Post contributor.

How do we know?
...Because, that's how he registered when he arrived at the event yesterday.

There is a copy of the sign in sheet at the link

Gateway Pundit -- BUSTED!! McCain's "C*nt Questioner" Is a Huffpo Reporter!! ...Update: It Was a Team Effort!

Original Post Follows:

Dem Operative Asks McCain If He Called His Wife a C*nt ...Update: He Ran Biden's Office- Is an Obama Supporter!


Gateway Pundit
See the Video Here

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