Friday, May 2, 2008

An Obama Petard

The FEC cannot investigate a complaint by Democratic Sen. Barack Obama because he used a parliamentary trick to render it useless.

4 of the 6 positions on the Federal Elections Commission are vacant because Obama put a hold on one presidential appointment. This keeps the FEC from having a quorum, which keeps it from taking any action, which is useful when you are setting campaign fund-raising records from sources that seem dubious at best. Obama’s ties to ACORN show that he is not above looking the other way when the dead vote. Perhaps the dead can now make campaign contributions.

Obama filed a complaint with the FEC to stop the American Leadership Project from daring to criticize him in campaign ads, the AP reported.

Obama seems to have hoisted himself by his own petard. Ka-boom. Well, at least it is metaphor and not reality, unlike the members of his buddy Bill Ayers’s old group who really did blow themselves up building a bomb.


Don Surber --Obama outsmarts himself

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