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B-52 Crash Near Guam Update -- No Survivors, Names Released

All six airmen aboard the B-52 bomber that crashed Monday off Guam's northwest coast were killed, Air Force officials confirmed Wednesday.

Aboard Raider 21 were Maj. Christopher M. Cooper, 33; Maj. Brent D. Williams, 37; Capt. Michael K. Dodson, 31; 1st Lt. Joshua D. Shepherd, 26; 1st Lt. Robert D Gerren, 32; and Col. George Martin.

The plane crashed about 30 miles northwest of Guam, the Air Force said in a statement.

Air Force crews switched from a rescue operation to a recovery operation over the 7,000-square-mile crash site, said Air Force spokeswoman Sgt. Ashleigh Bryant.

The American Energy Act (HR 6566) -- Manzullo Co-Sponsored Bill Does What We Need -- Everything! UPDATE: Call Congress Demand A Vote!!

Congressman Don Manzullo (R-Egan) today joined 83 of his colleagues in introducing a comprehensive energy bill that takes an “all of the above” strategy to end our dependence on costly foreign oil and reduce gas prices in America. At a Capitol Hill news conference this afternoon, the Members of Congress will also demand Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi end her opposition to American-made energy and allow a vote on the bill.
The American Energy Act (HR 6566), which Manzullo co-sponsored, will increase the supply of American-made energy, improve conservation and efficiency, and promote new and expanding energy technologies to help lower the price at the pump and reduce America’s increasingly costly and dangerous dependence on foreign sources of energy. Many of the provisions of the all-encompassing bill were included in Manzullo’s 12-point plan to reduce gas prices in America, which he unveiled in May.    

This is exactly what we need, a real actual energy policy that addresses current and future issues! Manzullo and the Republicans have got to force this to the floor for a vote -- that means they have to sell it to the American people, and they have to start now! Thing is, with $4 gas prices selling it won't take much, more like just making as many people as possible aware of it!

Even T. Boone Pickens, who has been getting praise from the left for his plan, today reaffirmed that his plan is simply to get off of foreign oil using every measure available! Drill everywhere AND include renewable, kinda like plan Manzullo co-sponosred.
More on the plan from Manzullo!

  • To increase the supply American-made energy in environmentally sound ways, the legislation will:
1.        Open our deep water ocean resources, which will provide an additional three million barrels of oil per day, as well as 76 trillion cubic feet of natural gas;
2.        Open the Arctic coastal plain, which will provide an additional one million barrels of oil per day;
3.        Allow development of our nation’s shale oil resources, which could provide an additional 2.5 million barrels of oil per day; and
4.        Increase the supply of gas at the pump by cutting bureaucratic red tape that essentially blocks construction of new refineries.
  • To improve energy conservation and efficiency, the legislation will:
1.        Provide tax incentives for businesses and families that purchase more fuel efficient vehicles;
2.        Provide a monetary prize for developing the first economically feasible, super-fuel-efficient vehicle reaching 100 miles-per-gallon; and
3.        Provide tax incentives for businesses and homeowners who improve their energy efficiency.
  • To promote renewable and alternative energy technologies, the legislation will:
1.        Spur the development of alternative fuels through government contracting by repealing the “Section 526” prohibition on government purchasing of alternative energy and promoting coal-to-liquids technology;
2.        Establish a renewable energy trust fund using revenues generated by exploration in the deep ocean and on the Arctic coastal plain;
3.        Permanently extend the tax credit for alternative energy production, including wind, solar and hydrogen; and
4.        Eliminate barriers to the expansion of emission-free nuclear power production.
See -- Representative Don Manzullo's plan here

Update:  This bill is being held up by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in congress because it would easily pass and they couldn't have that -- an independent America would really put a crimp in their plans!   

Call Congress and demand an up or down vote on The American Energy Act today!! 

"We're finally where we belong."

Via Wizbangcc

It's All Politics! -- Democrats Really Do Get It

“Is it possible, I wondered, that Iraqis truly did want democracy and freedom and the right to vote and government of the people, just as we Americans do? And were willing to fight for it, with our help?

“Wouldn’t that be a good thing? Even a great thing?

“Maybe another democracy, however imperfect, other than Israel in the Middle East could lead to more moderation, possibly other democracies? Democracies that could serve as bulwarks against al Qaeda-type of terrorist states?”
Lanny Davis in the Washington Times
Don Surber -- Antiwar Dem Confesses 

Radovan Karadzic Captured After 13 Years On The Lamb -- 6 Years Longer Then Osama

Richard Holbrooke, the US diplomat who brokered the Dayton Peace Accord for Bosnia in 1995, told the BBC that “a major, major thug has been removed from the public scene”.

“One of the worst men in the world, the Osama Bin Laden of Europe, has finally been captured,” Mr Holbrooke told BBC World News America.
That was in Europe not the Pakistan mountains!

Well That Would Be Voting For Hope Wouldn't It!

TOM SMITH ON BARACK OBAMA: "I'm just hoping BO is a faux lefty who will run to the center when he realizes that's where the most power is. So, just a classier version of Bill Clinton. That's my hope. If he turns out to take the things he is saying seriously, then it won't be funny at all."
Maybe he should throw in a prayer too!

Rosenberg Grand Jury Testimony Released -- Are 'Scholars' Really Objective

After 58 years, historians and journalists will have a chance to examine the secret grand jury testimony of witnesses in the espionage case against Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

The couple was investigated in 1950, tried in 1951 for conspiracy to commit espionage and convicted and sentenced to death in 1953.


The National Security Archive, the American Historical Association, the Georgetown University Law Center and others have petitioned to have the transcripts of 46 witnesses released to the public.

In an unusual move, federal authorities have said that because of the historic significance of the case, they do not oppose releasing the transcripts of testimony from witnesses who have died or who do not object to their release.

Of the 46 grand jury witnesses, 36 are either deceased or do not object to releasing the transcripts. Three others are thought to have died; four have not been located.
Interestingly David Greenglass, Ethyl's brother refused, petitioned the court, and was granted the right to keep his transcript sealed -- his testimony was considered pivotal in convicting the Ethyl Rosenberg.

Another defendent convicted of obstruction petitioned to have her testimony withheld,  Miriam Moskowitz, "now 92, expressed relief that the transcripts would not make it into the hands of the Cold War historians, 'because I know they will not write the truth.'"

Despite the release of documents from the Soviet archives that confirmed the guilt of the Rosenbergs, many still believe they were persecuted for political reasons. 

The Obama Rainbow Tour -- Day 4 -- Jordan And Israel -- Great Speechifying

There you are, I told you so
Makes no difference where she goes
The whole world over just the same
Just listen to them call her name
And who would underestimate the actress now? 

Evita - Rainbow Tour

"Let me be absolutely clear," Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, said today at a press conference in Amman, Jordan. "Israel is a strong friend of Israel's. It will be a strong friend of Israel's under a McCain...administration. It will be a strong friend of Israel's under an Obama administration. So that policy is not going to change."

How true.
ABC -- Political Punch

If the President Had Said This, It Would Have Been a Bushism
"You know, it's always a bad practice to say 'always' or 'never.'" — Obama, speaking in Amman today.
NRO -- Campaign Spot

At a morning background briefing, reporters parried with senior advisers on the characterization of Obama’s speech Thursday in Berlin as a campaign rally. The outdoor speech at the Victory Column could draw thousands of people, similar to the size of Obama events in the United States.

"It is not going to be a political speech," said a senior foreign policy adviser, who spoke to reporters on background. "When the president of the United States goes and gives a speech, it is not a political speech or a political rally."

"But he is not president of the United States," a reporter reminded the adviser.
Ace Of Spades

Obama Fails the “Quayle Test”, Pretty Much Daily

MITCHELL: Let me just say something about the message management.  He didn't have reporters with him, he didn't have a press pool, he didn't do a press conference while he was on the ground in either Afghanistan or Iraq. What you're seeing is not reporters brought in.  You're seeing selected pictures taken by the military, questions by the military, and what some would call fake interviews, because they're not interviews from a journalist.  So, there's a real press issue here.  Politically it's smart as can be.  But we've not seen a presidential candidate do this, in my recollection, ever before. (...)
MITCHELL: I can't really say that.  Being a reporter who was not present in any of those situations, I just cannot report on what was edited out, what was, you know, on the sidelines.  That's my issue. We don't know what we are seeing.
News Busters 
Video Breitbart TV 

Barack Obama’s campaign trip abroad was thought to be an effort to show him operating freely on the world stage. Instead, it has been a carefully managed exercise, designed to expose Obama to no contrary or potentially embarrassing viewpoints, and most of all, to shield him against the possibility that the media might capture a gaffe. . . . For all intents and purposes Obama was play-acting the role of a traveling statesman, eating meals and smiling but doing and saying nothing of consequence with what veteran network correspondent Mitchell described on “Hardball” as an unprecedented level of press restriction and manipulation. 

David Gergen: “I think it was the first — Barack Obama made the first mistake of his trip, in my judgment, in releasing a statement in which he said exactly what Maliki had said in those conversations. We have a long tradition in this country that we only have one president at a time. He’s the commander in chief and the negotiator in chief. I cannot remember a campaign which a rival seeking the presidency has been in a position negotiating a war that’s under way with another party outside the country. I think he leaves himself open to the charge tonight that he’s meddling, that this is not his role, that he can be the critic, but he’s not the negotiator. We have a president who does that. So, I think the underlying facts support him, but I think it would be a real mistake — and I think it was a mistake — to get into these conversations and let it be used politically.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper: “That’s interesting. Gloria, do you think this is the first mistake he made on this trip?”

Gloria Borger: “You know, it’s very interesting, I do agree with David. And Candy, in her earlier piece, talked about walking the fine line between being this candidate and being presumptuous. And I think that he may just have crossed that, because, you know, it is a tradition. You don’t talk about these private conversations. And it’s not up to Barack Obama right now to negotiate troop withdrawals. It’s up to Barack Obama to be on a fact-finding mission, which is indeed what he has said he was on.”
Hot Air

Today, the Gallup Obama boomlet is gone (lead down to 3) and Rasmussen is a tie

Then throw in some decent state poll numbers for McCain: plus 10 in Ohio (Rasmussen), plus 11 in Georgia (Rasmussen)  down 2 in Michigan (EPIC), down 3 in New Hamsphire (UNH) , and down 3 in Colorado (Rasmussen), and the race looks close and winnable for McCain (let's not get too excited, however -- we are still 15 weeks out). 
Why did the Obama bump after Hilary Clinton dropped out fade over the past month?  Why is Obama not getting a bump now from the media over exposure on his foreign tour (free advertising, in essence)?

The answer I think is that more and more Americans are realizing that a giant media sell job is underway, and many don't like it. Obama may be a rock star, but would he make a good President?
American Thinker Blog -- The Trip That Didn't Deliver

Sen. Barack Obama on Tuesday toured the Jordanian capital of Amman, where the much talked about "Obama-mania" is not that easy to find.

Just 22 percent of Jordanians who are following the U.S. presidential election have confidence in Obama, according to a recent survey from the Pew Research Center.

And in the nearby countries of Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey, Obama also gets negative reviews.

Obama still fares better than John McCain in those countries, but in Jordan the two candidates are about equal.

But the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate is revered as a superstar in other parts of the world.
CNN -- Obama-mania foreign in some parts of Middle East

By the way, it seems the Rainbow plane was redesigned for the trip.  The removed the American flag from the tail and put on Obama's campaign logo.

Obama, Stubborn, Inflexible -- Unable To Accept Reality?

Rudy Giuliani: “I don’t understand what Senator Obama is saying. He goes to Iraq to go on a fact-finding mission and the facts that he finds are that violence is down 70 to 80%. That everyone believes, particularly the military commanders he’s talking to, that it was a great success. The only reason al-Maliki is talking about a possible withdrawal in 2010 is because the surge has worked — couldn’t possibly be talking about something like that and we don’t know if it will happen or not depending on the facts on the ground. So I think it either indicates that Senator Obama is not on a fact-finding mission, because the facts don’t seem to affect him or Senator Obama has a stubbornness of wanting to stick to his political position which now turns out to be incorrect. The position he took a year ago to oppose the surge would have left us with a great loss and a Middle East in chaos right now. The position that was the correct one, that turned out historically to be correct, is the position that we should have done the surge.”
NBC via Hot Air

I think this is a good point, I said this same type of thing yesterday:
McCain is comfortable making jokes about his age, how about this one:

"Wow, I though the old guy was supposed to be stuck in his ways in spite of the evidence.  Next Obama will be telling us to get off his lawn and turn that damn music down!"

Well, this presents McCain with an opportunity to frame Obama for the rest of the campaign as a staid, inflexible fool who can't seem to understand that the world doesn't revolve around his failed, inflexible policies!  It also covers McCain for changing his mind on drilling.

It hits at the premise that judgment is not just riding one decision 6 years ago but one has to have the wisdom to adjust to the changing world!

The Silent Candidate, But Not By Choice -- John McCain

In Manchester last night, there was just one reporter and one photographer waiting for McCain as his plane -- a white, blue and gold Boeing 737-400 emblazoned with his campaign slogan, "Reform, Prosperity, Peace" -- touched down on the Wiggins Airways tarmac.
Union Leader

Dolly To Hit Texas/Mexico -- Oil Prices Drop As Dolly Steers South

Rain started to fall along the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Dolly — upgraded in force from a tropical storm — closed in on towns straddling the Mexico-Texas border.

The Category 1 hurricane was expected to strengthen slightly before making landfall Wednesday and bringing with it up to 15 inches of rain.

Dolly was upgraded from a tropical storm Tuesday afternoon, and sustained winds have strengthened to about 85 mph. At 5 a.m. EDT Wednesday, the storm's center was about 65 miles east-southeast of Brownsville, moving northwest at about 8 mph.
Click to view live Doppler radar of the storm
Click for the latest maps and information from the National Hurricane Center

A hurricane warning was in effect for the coast of Texas from Brownsville to Corpus Christi and in Mexico from Rio San Fernando northward.
Fox News

Crude oil fell more than $3 a barrel, dropping to a six-week low, on forecasts a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico will miss oil installations. Also, the dollar gained versus the euro, reducing the appeal of commodities.

Oil dropped below $126 a barrel, down more than $21 from a record $147.27 on July 11, as Hurricane Dolly moved toward the Texas border with Mexico. The dollar rose on signs that US interest rates may increase. Senate Democrats yesterday cleared the first hurdle for legislation that aims to curb speculation in energy markets.

"There are dual causes to today's move lower," said Brad Samples, commodity analyst for Summit Energy Inc. in Louisville, Ky. "There's a strong move by the dollar, which always puts pressure on energy prices. We aren't worried about Dolly anymore, also putting pressure on prices."

Crude oil for August delivery fell $3.09, or 2.4 percent, to settle at $127.95 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the lowest settlement price since June 5. Futures are up 69 percent from a year ago. The August contract expired yesterday. The more-active September contract declined $3.40, or 2.6 percent, to settle at $128.42 a barrel.
Boston Globe 

Gore's Law -- As The Facts Prove More 'Inconvenient' The Extremist Hype Will Grow

When it comes to global warming, extreme scare stories abound. Al Gore, for example, famously claimed that a whopping six meters (20 feet) of sea-level rise would flood major cities around the world.

Gore’s scientific advisor, Jim Hansen from NASA, has even topped his protégé. Hansen suggests that there will eventually be sea-level rises of 24 meters (80 feet), with a six-meter rise happening just this century. Little wonder that fellow environmentalist Bill McKibben states that “we are engaging in a reckless drive-by drowning of much of the rest of the planet and much of the rest of creation.”

Given all the warnings, here is a slightly inconvenient truth: over the past two years, the global sea level hasn’t increased. It has slightly decreased . Since 1992, satellites orbiting the planet have measured the global sea level every 10 days with an amazing degree of accuracy – 3-4 millimeters (0.2 inches). For two years, sea levels have declined. (All of the data are available at


Increasingly, alarmists claim that we should not be allowed to hear such facts. In June, Hansen proclaimed that people who spread “disinformation” about global warming – CEOs, politicians, in fact anyone who doesn’t follow Hansen’s narrow definition of the “truth” – should literally be tried for crimes against humanity.

It is depressing to see a scientist – even a highly politicized one – calling for a latter-day Inquisition. Such a blatant attempt to curtail scientific inquiry and stifle free speech seems inexcusable. But it is perhaps also a symptom of a broader problem. It is hard to keep up the climate panic as reality diverges from the alarmist predictions more than ever before.
I call the phenomenon of growing hype in the face of 'Inconvenient' Truths Gore's Law!  (As opposed to the Gore Effect where the temperature drops in anticipation of visits by Gore and global warming protester events)
Watts Up With That -- The Green Inquisition

On the positive side --
From Scott Rasmussen: “Only 33% of American voters believe Al Gore’s proposal to switch all of the nation’s electricity production to wind, solar and other carbon-free sources in 10 years is realistic.”

Ah, That's How Obama Is Going To Get Away With Ignoring Petraeus!

First thought -- uh, um, well, ah, what did, um, he, uh, say?

Further thought -- This is the formula he is going to use to stick to his timetable despite the generals on the ground and their commander General Petraeus advising against it.

Problem is Obama is just as bad a strategist in dealing with Iran and radical Islam as his ideological predecessor Jimmy Carter was.

What may be considered a tactical move could end up being a strategic defeat if Obama ignores his commanders.  He is confusing policy making with strategy.

Via Power Line -- What Obam Learned From General Petraeus

Couric: You talk about a residual force remaining in Iraq, but you’ve been hesitant to really give a number … to people. You haven’t been specific, though some of your advisors have said it could be tens of thousands of troops. Why can’t you be more specific as to what you envision?

Obama: Now, keep in mind that when I talk about timetables, people say that’s too specific, with respect to residual force, maybe not specific enough. I think this is an example of a tactical issue. How do you execute a mission that requires commanders on the ground to make that decision? My job as commander-in-chief would be to indicate to them here’s our goal, here are the missions that we need to carry out. Now, you tell me what it is that we need in terms of boots on the ground, in terms of equipment, in terms of other capabilities that are gonna be required. The overarching strategy is not something that I can deflect to the general. That’s something that I have to make a decision at of, if I am president of the United States.

Couric: Having said that, if General Petraeus or the chairman of the joint chiefs, Admiral Mullen, say to you, “Hey, President Obama …”

Obama: Right.

Couric: …if that comes to pass, “you cannot take out the final complement of combat troops. You need them in the theater,” you would say?

Obama: I will always listen to the commanders on the ground. And I will make an assessment based on the facts at that time.
Via Hot Air -- Obama to Couric: You know, I’m not sure how many troops I’ll keep in Iraq

B-52 Crash Update -- Search Continues For Survivors Of B-52 Crash Off Of Guam -- One Crewmember Identified By Family

A joint-agency search continues for missing crew members following Monday’s crash of a B-52 bomber 48 kilometres to the northwest of Guam.

Bodies of two of the six Airmen on board the aircraft have been recovered.

Identities of the crew members are being withheld pending family notification.

The search for the remaining four missing crew, involving US Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and other U.S. and Guam agencies, is still underway.

Brigidaire General Douglas Owens, a commander of the US airforce’s 36th Wing in Guam, says the search has been thorough.

He sayd Coast Guard assets were on scene within 45 minutes of the accident, and the teamwork between local and federal agencies has been tremendous.

A board of officers is investigating the accident.
Radio New Zeland

An Ohio State University graduate is one of six people who was onboard an Air Force B-52 when it crashed off the island of Guam Monday morning.

The B-52 bomber was en route to conduct a flyover at the Liberation Day parade when it crashed about 30 miles northwest of Apra Harbor at 9:45 a.m., the Air Force said. (...)

The family of Col. George Martin, a graduate of East High School and OSU Medical School, told 10TV News that he was on the plane, 10TV's Patrick Bell reported.

Martin has been a military doctor for more than 25 years and is second-in-command of the medical unit in Guam, his family said.

Martin also works as an astronaut physician for NASA.


Daily Trek -- July 23, 2008

What'd I miss?

Everything you need to know to stay informed each day in 5 minutes or less!  Read your regular news and include this and you will be able to participate in most any current events discussion.
So, how did that meeting with Iran go, you know, the kind Obama says is worth diminishing the stature of the Presidency?  Well, the Iranians offered made their own offer and, "the Russian deputy foreign minister, could not suppress a laugh when he read it."  Glad they are serious, is Obama listening by chance?

American physicists warned not to debate global warming.  This after the dust up over their denial and pressure tactics.

"Police in Baghdad have recovered five luxury cars which once belonged to Uday Hussein, son of Saddam Hussein, buried under piles of earth in an orchard."   Wonder what else might be laying around the sand!

Was the Iraq War worth it? Too early to say, but if it works the benefit would be huge.

Maliki's ploy was the same as everyone lobbiest out there, hedge your bet and suck up to the lead horse.

Food stamps may soon have a program for gasoline so low income can pay for gas.

Scientific evidence: Algal Blooms not caused by global warming but by phosphates and nitrogen.

The National Enquirer claims John Edwards met with his mistress and mother of his illegitimate son, that could really hurt a person's chances for VP couldn't it?

Have technological fundamentals caused the end of Moore's law? 

McCain Goes There: "I would rather lose an election than lose a war. My opponent would rather lose a war than a political campaign."

A Joke:
Q: Why is Jimmy Carter supporting the candidacy of Obama?

A: Because Carter is tired of being the Worst President ever!

Christian Bale (Batman) was arrested in London for assault on his mother.  He pushed her down Sunday.

Estelle Getty Dies At 84

Diminutive actress Estelle Getty, who found fame late in life with her portrayal of a sharp-tongued Sicilian mother on "The Golden Girls," died Tuesday.
The 84-year-old passed away at her Los Angeles home following a long battle with Lewy body dementia, a progressive brain disease.

Getty, who stood under 5 feet tall, won an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Sophia Petrillo, a meddling mom spending her twilight years with her middle-aged daughter and two roommates on "The Golden Girls."

Nearly 45 minutes of makeup were needed to transform Getty - who was actually younger than her screen daughter, Bea Arthur - into the feisty octogenarian, whose wisecracks and Sicilian memories often stole the scene.
NY Daily News
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