Tuesday, July 8, 2008

FARC Terrorists -- Nancy Peloicy And The Dems -- NGO's

New information reveals that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was indirectly sending messages to the FARC. The Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is designated as a terrorist group by the US government. Speaker Pelosi was doing this while at the same time she refused to bring a free trade agreement with Colombia up for a vote in the US House. In fact, Pelosi took extraordinary steps to block this trade agreement with America's closest ally in South America.
Gateway Pundit -- DEM SHOCKER!!... Speaker Pelosi Was Sending Messages to FARC Terrorists While Undermining Colombian Government!

As we learn more about the Colombian military's daring hostage rescue last week, one detail stands out: In tricking FARC rebels into putting the hostages aboard a helicopter, undercover special forces simply told the comandantes that the aircraft was being loaned to them by a fictitious nongovernmental organization sympathetic to their cause called the International Humanitarian Mission.
It may have taken years for army intelligence to infiltrate the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, and it may have been tough to convincingly impersonate rebels. But what seems to have been a walk in the park was getting the FARC to believe that an NGO was providing resources to help it in the dirty work of ferrying captives to a new location.

Red State Update -- Obama Flip Flops


Why Would You Democrats Vote To Eliminate Workplace Choice?


Coalition For A Democratic Workplace.

Seriously, We Can Drill Our Way Out Of This!

Jed Babbin: “Democrats have voted three times against increased oil production in the last year. They are content with rising prices.”
Babbin has a simple response to the Democratic Party line of “We can’t drill our way out of this problem.”
Babbin: Yes We Can.
“More than three times the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia are embedded in Western states’ oil shale, estimated at 800 billion to 2 trillion barrels of recoverable oil,” Babbin wrote.
As long as it's not all we do we can too drill our way out of this mess, I have said this repeatedly!   What we can't do is conserve our way out of this.  Our society is 50% more efficient now then we were 30 years ago, yet we are using nearly 3 billion barrels more oil today then we did then.

Are The Weather Disasters We Were Promised Missing?

Here's a quotation from Jeff Masters's blog at Weather Underground:
Tropical Storm Bertha has maintained it's strength overnight, but is having trouble with Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) of 25°C--one degree below the threshold of 26°C considered beneficial for tropical storms.
One overstuffed European degree--almost two REAL AMERICAN degrees--below the threshold! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Weren't we supposed to have super-hot sea temperatures due to global warming? What's up with that?

What happened to the worldwide environmental catastrophe we were all expecting? Did it get lost at the UPS hub? Maybe we should have asked for a tracking number.
Hog On Ice -- When Imaginary Worlds Collide

Hey, Is There A Manual For This Thing?

When Obama held his second press conference late last week to address his ever more slippery position on withdrawing troops from Iraq, he stated:

"I am absolutely committed to ending the war," the longtime community organizer declared. "I will call my Joint Chiefs of Staff in and give them a new assignment and that is to end the war."

Barnett explains well the role of Joint Chefs as a staff unit, which provides advice to the commander-in-chief. In order to avoid conflicts within their respective services and provide clear advice, the joint chiefs are by law excluded from the command structure. The command structure (what is called the "line" part of the organization in corporate organizations) consists of people like General Petraeus, who actually run the military organization through its structure of commands. Barnett comments sarcastically:

Surely Obama knows this. Obviously he wouldn't be seeking the role of Commander-in-Chief without knowing how the job is done.
American Thinker Blog -- Obama's lack of understanding exposed again

Vets For Freedom Ad -- Finish The Job

We changed strategy in Iraq.  The Surge Worked!  Now that's change you can believe in!

Vets for Freedom

Daily Trek -- July 8, 2008

What'd I miss?

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Research: Frequent sex is good for men.

He has spoken!  Obama has actually admitted that the surge is working!

"The FARC are terrorists with a capital 'T'"  Marc Gonsalves, Former FARC Hostage, July 7, 2008.

GM set to unveil the actual production Volt for grim 100 year anniversary, stock at lowest point since 1950's.

Meanwhile VW has Alabama as the frontrunner for their new plant.

"MORE CLINTON PUSHBACK: 'Sen. Barack Obama, the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, faces dissent from dozens of top fund-raisers and other supporters of former rival Sen. Hillary Clinton, who are angry over how she was treated during their bruising primary battle and are hesitating to back Sen. Obama.'"

It has been nearly 7 years and construction has yet to begin at Ground Zero in NYC.  Now some are suggesting we just rebuild the Twin Towers.

The US Navy practices keeping the oil flowing in the Persian Gulf!

GE cheated on its Brazil taxes, or so it appears.

So you got sick on that picnic huh?  Don't blame the mayo, seems it isn't as evil as we were led to believe as most commercial brands have acidic vinegar that can kill bacteria.

Did 55 mph speed limits waste not only time, but human lives?

One in Every Hundred Overseas War on Terror Detainees has a Criminal Arrest Record in the U.S.

There were no U.S. military deaths in Iraq to report from the past week, the first time that’s happened.

Harry Reid won't allow oil, coal, or nuclear production.  Has he checked to see what powered his state's economy?  Las Vegas runs on energy, tourists run on oil!

"China wants to have 100 of Westinghouse Electric Co.'s nuclear -- more than double what was anticipated."

The Bush administration is accusing the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of providing cash and refuge to the militant Islamist group Hezbollah of southern Lebanon.

Where is the media now that the Arctic ice concentration is at the same How many years of normal ice conditions will it take before they admit the Polar Bear isn't threatened? The coverage of both Arctic and Antarctic ice has been very one sided. (images at link)

Washington DC, still smarting from the loss of control over law abiding citizens lives, may keep semi automatics illegal.  Only revolvers would be allowed -- it's a step, but they really are power hungry jerks.
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