Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oops One More Enviro-wacko Error

Concern is mounting because the new generation of biodegradable plastics ends up on landfill sites, where they degrade without oxygen, releasing methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. This week the US national oceanic and atmospheric administration reported a sharp increase in global methane emissions last year.

Hype has moved the market, all based on the crisis warnings of a Man/bear/pig that has no one can verify exists.

Months ago I mentioned in the comments that I honestly expected there to come a time when we would look back and dread the day we fundamentally altered the mix of our trash. It had to happen because we really don't know what we are doing, yet the crisis hype hasn't stopped us from doing it.

American Thinker Blog -- The latest environmentalist-generated fiasco


To The Left of San Francisco Left

Ipeachment isn't Sheehan's only concern. Pelosi's refusal to vote for an immediate end to the Iraq war and to support single-payer health care shows she's out of touch with San Francisco's progressive roots, Sheehan said.

"I'll represent everyone in San Francisco, not just the corporate elite," she said. "I'm working class, my family was working class, and we have struggled the same way our neighbors here in San Francisco have struggled."

How far to the left do you have to be to the left of Nancy Pelosi? Cindy Sheehan left!

SF Gate -- Anti-war Cindy Sheehan files to take on Pelosi


Results of a Face to Face -- How's That Working?

"The Iranian government pledged to halt such activities some months ago," Mullen said. "It's plainly obvious they have not. Indeed, they seem to have gone the other way."

The discovery of weapons caches in Iraq, with devices bearing stamps that indicate they were manufactured quite recently, run contrary to the Iranian promises not to interfere in Iraq, the admiral said.

Gee, that talking thing worked out well didn't it? When will Obama and the left understand that every other nation does things in its own interest, and that is okay! We should too!

Lefty diplomacy check list:
  • Sit down and talk
  • Have tea
  • Oh pretty rugs!
  • Agree, "off the record," that America IS the great satan -- under Republicans!" (Thank goodness you don't wear a flag pin!)
  • There we have gained trust and got them nodding in agreement
  • Get agreement that they will stop sending weapons to Iraq
  • Throw in agreement that the Jews control the Republicans, offer Carter as proof that you agree
  • OOPS, forget that Carter part, Iranians aren't too keen on Carter, throw him under the buss with your Grandmother!
  • Come home to adulation, claim your way worked and you have, "brought peace in our time."
  • Wait for the rainbows and sunrises that are sure to come
  • Discover you've been had, weapons continue
  • Regret your Chamberlain act earlier
  • Blame Republican, Neocon, warmongers
  • Think wistfully back to your glory days -- and those beautiful rugs, where can you get you some of those rugs!
  • Spend the better part of the next century meddling with in foreign policy kissing up to terrorists and dictators as a way to, "show them," you were right after you are tossed out of office on your ass at the next opportunity
  • Try to figure out why the nation won't trust your party with the keys to the liquor cabinet let alone the Oval Office.
International Herald Tribune -- Top U.S. military officer assails Iran's role in Iraq

Declaration of independence from Petro-dictators!

There is much we can do to increase our own oil production in ways that protect the environment using advanced technologies, including those that use and bury carbon dioxide, to recover the oil below the wells we have already drilled, and tap oil, natural gas, and shale economically with minimal environmental impact.
There is no economic force on this globe that is stronger than free people. Entrepreneurs lie at the heart of innovation, growth, and advancing prosperity. Entrepreneurs should not be shackled by excessive regulation that raises the cost of business. Entrepreneurs should not be disadvantaged by earmarking and pork-barrel spending that favors politically connected competitors.

I trust Americans, I trust markets and I oppose subsidies. As President, I’ll propose a national energy strategy that will amount to a declaration of independence from the risk bred by our reliance on petro-dictators and our vulnerability to the troubled politics of the lands they rule. That strategy won’t be another grab bag of handouts to this or that industry and a full employment act for lobbyists.

Yes, that means no ethanol subsidies. But it also means no rifle-shot tax breaks for big oil. It means no line items for hydrogen, no mandates for other renewable fuels, and no big-government debacles like the Dakotas Synfuels plant. It means ethanol entrepreneurs get a level playing field to make their case — and earn their profits.

Hot Air gets answers on John McCain's energy philosophy read the rest.

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