Sunday, April 17, 2011

Patriots or Patriots

There is a group of millionaires who call themselves, "Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength" who are advocating raising taxes on the wealthy. They argue that they should be taxed for the good of society as a whole -- increase their taxes so we can reduce debt without impacting social spending.

Well, aside from the fact that no one is stopping them from making a donation to the government that can be applied directly to the debt (, true patriots are those millionaires who are providing jobs and fuel for the nation's economic engine not sending money to the black whole of Washington.

Here is an idea, how about each one of these millionaires decide how much extra money they believe they should pay and then hire people to do whatever service they believe is worthy. For example if they want to support senior meal programs then they could take $200,000 in extra taxes and hire 8 people at $40,000 each and deploy them in the city they believe needs the assistance. They would not only be providing the seniors aid they would be creating jobs multiplied in the economy AND they would be providing additional tax revenue to all stages of government.

Killing two birds with one $200,000 stones. Each of those jobs helps to support another worker in the economy and according to Obama's stimulus they would create or save another job!

So, why are they so selfish and unpatriotic?

Bad day, btw, I'll come back and clean this up in a few days.
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