Monday, April 28, 2008

Consensus, What Consensus?

I’m only concerned about people who are going hysterical about it. How many billions of dollars is our government going to spend to combat something that isn’t real? That has my attention.
Was there a consensus of 2,500 scientists at the Bali meeting of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? Heavens no. The key paragraphs or chapters of their report and the research documents behind it, which are very voluminous, were not widely read by these scientists.

If you look at the history of the IPCC, its mission and existence was to prove that there is climate change. So they start hiring scientists and giving them research money to go out and prove that its mission is valid.

But 19,000 scientists signed a petition against the Kyoto Protocol, and 400-plus scientists spoke out against global warming in 2007, along with at least four dozen TV meteorologists. There is no consensus.

Video at the link.

The New American --Weather Channel Founder’s Forecast


RICO Thy name is RIAA

WE'RE SEEING MORE OF THIS KIND OF THING: Single Mother Gets RIAA Suit Dismissed, Sues Them Right Back. And I suspect they're vulnerable.

Finally, the RIAA and the record companies failed to innovate and adapt to the new media and then punished their customers for that failure. I hope this lady wins and the entire thing gets solved so legal music is readily available and transportable to any player, any time you want to listen to it.


Brittons Held By Iran?

The hostages were handed over to the Revolutionary Guards by their Iraqi kidnappers last November, the sources believe. One of the sources said they were being held in the western Iranian city of Hamadan.

If confirmed, the involvement of Revolutionary Guards would be seen as evidence that senior figures in the Iranian government had backed the decision to hold them in the country.

Times Online -- Britons kidnapped in Iraq are ‘held by Iran’


Islam At Perpetual War?

Islam divides the world into two parts. The part governed by sharia, or Islamic law, is called the Dar al-Islam, or House of Submission. Everything else is the Dar al-Harb, or House of War, so called because it will take war—holy war, jihad—to bring it into the House of Submission. Over the centuries, this jihad has taken a variety of forms. Two centuries ago, for instance, Muslim pirates from North Africa captured ships and enslaved their crews, leading the U.S. to fight the Barbary Wars of 1801–05 and 1815. In recent decades, the jihadists’ weapon of choice has usually been the terrorist’s bomb; the use of planes as missiles on 9/11 was a variant of this method.
Is Islam destined to be at perpetual war with the west?

Bawer: An Anatomy of Surrender



Credit for over 200 bombings nationwide

I do not understand how William Ayers wound up teaching at a University, holding forth on how he didn’t do anything wrong. I can understand people in succeeding generations wanting to talk to the real deal. But I cannot understand lauding a man who does not regret setting bombs. I believe Weather Underground takes responsibility for over 200 bombings nationwide. I also cannot understand the attitude of a man who wants to be President of all the people of this country associating with Ayers. Let’s not debate the association. It is well documented and it goes beyond ‘we met a few times.’

Lin Farley of Savage Politics
Via Rockford's own Power and Control -- So many choices.

Press one for success, press two for destruction, press three for implosion

Could the far left and their chosen messiah finally destroy the Democratic Party for a generation?

Possibly. Here are the three outcomes of the race, barring any unforeseen issues:
  1. Obama wins the nomination and the election -- demonstrating that Peggy Noonan was absolutely correct when she said George Bush destroyed the Republican Party.
  2. Obama wins the nomination and looses the election. In the process the Democrats show that, again they picked an out of touch elitist. Look at some of the discussion on the left side of the internet and you will hear repeated chants that Obama was right in saying that people cling to their guns and God!
  3. The super delegates swing the nomination to Hillary Clinton because they see fatal flaws in Obama. This would fracture the party into its various voting blocks greatly reducing the chances of a Democratic victory come November to just about zero.
Whats a super to do?

Is hatred of Bush and the Republicans as bad as the media would have us believe? Is McCain's "maverick" status enough?

Will the Democrats do something to torpedo their chance for victory?

If I were a super I would have to go with Obama and hope he can win. If he doesn't the Democratic Party could be long in the wilderness as the party so out of touch that they couldn't win when they held all the cards.

Obama's elitist statements, his attitude toward using tax policy to force "fairness," his willingness to sit down with the worlds worst, and his lack of judgment in choosing his friends and associates make this standard bearer seem more of an anchor. Oh, and they will blame it all on "swiftboating" of some type. Yep, telling the truth always hurts the Dem's presidential candidate.

Keep watching, this should be interesting.

Purpose and Update On Stats -- April 28, 2008

The content of the RRStar (online Rockford Register Star) blogs have an overwhelmingly liberal slant in both content, links, and quantity.

I established this blog to demonstrate the type and quality of content the RRStar could offer to its readers and that I would be willing to provide.

Checking the stats of their political blogs it is clear that they need more of a balanced portfolio of political blogs.

Again, here are the political blogs available at the RRStar:

  • Applesauce is a prolific far left blog that addresses national issues. The content is mainly composed of links to the left wing of the blogosphere along with a short quips, photo, and video content. Occasionally there are longer posts that include opinions on the items linked. Comments are quickly answered, often with another quip.
  • In Chambers is a blog that covers Illinois state politics. It appears to be right of center but that could be the result of its adversarial nature to the current state administration. There is no real interaction in the comments.
  • Sweeny Report is a blog written by the Political Editor of the Register Star who blogs from the center right is a journalist. Postings are sporadic, concentrating on local, state and national issues and are mainly short thoughts on events with few links. He doesn't like to respond to anonymous comments uncharacteristic of blogs but consistent with a newspaper.
  • Why We Vote is a group blog consisting of the thoughts of the members of the Register Star's voters opinion panel. The posts are mostly left of center (including those from the independents to date). The conservative member who was posting, sadly, passed away recently.
The Stats for April 21 through April 27, 2008:
  • Applesauce 29 posts with 40 out links 4 YouTube.
  • In Chambers 2 posts with 7 out links 1 YouTube.
  • Sweeny Report 6 posts with 3 out links 0 YouTube.
  • Why We Blog 9 posts (8 left 1 unknown) 0 out links 0 YouTube.

If your interested in balance in the RRStar blogs let me, and the RRStar know.

Totals since I started counting March 27, 2008 through April 27, 2008:
  • Applesauce 115 posts with 129 out links 16 YouTube.
  • In Chambers 20 posts with 198 out links 1 YouTube.
  • Sweeny Report 22 posts with 11 out links 0 YouTube.
  • Why We Blog 21 posts (18 left 1 right 2 unknown) 1 out links 0 YouTube.
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