Monday, April 21, 2008

Sweeny's A Jooouuurnalist!

When I started this blog I had said this about Chuck Sweeny of the RRStar (Register Star):
Sweeny Report is a blog written by the Political Editor of the Register Star who blogs from the center right. Postings are sporadic, concentrating on local, state and national issues and are mainly short thoughts on events with few links. He doesn't like to respond to anonymous comments uncharacteristic of blogs but consistent with a newspaper.

Well, it appears I misspoke. Chuck Sweeny is far from being a center-right blogger, as this post demonstrates.

However, while Obama’s choice of words was clumsy, there is truth in what he said. The floor has been cut out of the economy in much of what once was middle class America. The uneasiness is palpable. People cling to those things that are more fundamental. For some, it’s their faith, for others its guns, for some, the only way to explain what went wrong is the influx of illegal immigrants — it’s their fault.
It's even better in the comments where he compares some of Ronald Reagan's comments to those of Obama.

A lot of folks thought Ronald Reagan’s supposedly off-air (but not really) comment about the USSR — “the bombing begins in 5 minutes” — was provocative and dangerous.
He was also accused of provocation when he called the USSR an evil empire, and when he stood on the Berlin Wall (remember that?) and said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

Today we remember Reagan as the winner of the Cold War, and we remember the USSR, or CCCP if you wish, as a t-shirt.

Really Chuck? Really! The only Americans who considered those dangerous were the same elite class who agree with Obama now -- oh, and journalists!

I should have realized that, Chuck Sweeny is a journalist.

Perhaps that is why he never replied to my offer to blog for the RRStar.

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