Monday, April 21, 2008

Bill Ayres -- Eric Rudolph

Rudolph and Ayers are unrepentant domestic terrorists. They are evil. Decent people detest them. And if someone were to take money from Eric Rudolph, or get a start in politics from an endorsement in Eric Rudolph’s home, if someone were chummy with Eric Rudolph and kept moving in the same circles with him, that person would rightly be detested as well.

Why doesn’t the same logic apply to Bill Ayers, and to his friend Barack Obama?

Here’s a partial answer: this is bigger than Obama. Much of the radical-left community of Chicago have thrown in their lot with Ayers and Dohrn and given them esteem and comfort. A lot of Chicago society is complicit in insulating Ayers and Dohrn from their execrable pasts. To admit the truth about what Ayers and Dohrn’s status means involves admitting much more about the historical relationship between the Left and radical violence than America is ready to acknowledge.

Michelle Malkin does the comparision and Chicago political lesson.


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