Friday, September 30, 2011

Boom or Bomb -- Policies Matter

You can drop as many bombs and guided missiles on terrorists as you can afford, BUT, as long as the administrations policies and rhetoric capitulate to the goals of the terrorists you will never solve the terrorist problem.

That is the problem with the current administration.  That was the goal of the left from the beginning.  Don't bother changing the behavior and attitudes of the terrorists and their sponsoring governments, it is far easier for us to just learn to live with terrorism like Europe................hey I remember someone saying that right after 9/11.

So, on to the ill advised draw down in Iraq.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Need a Reagan, Not a Nixon.

Okay, so why am I afraid that we will elect a Nixon when what we need is another Reagan?

Nixon believed in federal government solutions, hence his signing of the EPA and OSHA regulations to name a couple.

Unfortunately we need someone who believes government is the problem not the solution and I fear there isn't anyone running who really believes that today.   Do you?

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