Monday, April 28, 2008

Press one for success, press two for destruction, press three for implosion

Could the far left and their chosen messiah finally destroy the Democratic Party for a generation?

Possibly. Here are the three outcomes of the race, barring any unforeseen issues:
  1. Obama wins the nomination and the election -- demonstrating that Peggy Noonan was absolutely correct when she said George Bush destroyed the Republican Party.
  2. Obama wins the nomination and looses the election. In the process the Democrats show that, again they picked an out of touch elitist. Look at some of the discussion on the left side of the internet and you will hear repeated chants that Obama was right in saying that people cling to their guns and God!
  3. The super delegates swing the nomination to Hillary Clinton because they see fatal flaws in Obama. This would fracture the party into its various voting blocks greatly reducing the chances of a Democratic victory come November to just about zero.
Whats a super to do?

Is hatred of Bush and the Republicans as bad as the media would have us believe? Is McCain's "maverick" status enough?

Will the Democrats do something to torpedo their chance for victory?

If I were a super I would have to go with Obama and hope he can win. If he doesn't the Democratic Party could be long in the wilderness as the party so out of touch that they couldn't win when they held all the cards.

Obama's elitist statements, his attitude toward using tax policy to force "fairness," his willingness to sit down with the worlds worst, and his lack of judgment in choosing his friends and associates make this standard bearer seem more of an anchor. Oh, and they will blame it all on "swiftboating" of some type. Yep, telling the truth always hurts the Dem's presidential candidate.

Keep watching, this should be interesting.

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