Friday, May 2, 2008

Security Held Hostage By Politics and Lawyers

The next major expiration date in the FISA reform issue comes on Memorial Day. If the House does not approve the Protect America Act by that time, the NSA and other intel services will have to start requesting individual warrants for any surveillance involving American telecom switches, even when both ends of the communication lie outside the US. Blue Dog Democrats have begun to worry that the delay in House consideration of the bipartisan Senate compromise may hurt them in their election bids, and have begun to add their names to the discharge petition that will force Nancy Pelosi to schedule a vote.

This was held up over a provision that granted immunity to the phone companies for cooperating with the government in protecting America. Amazing, some lawyers want the option to sue and it puts us all at risk. Politics and money -- same old business.
Hot Air -- Will Blue Dogs get the FISA bill on the floor?

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