Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ask The Kos -- Preserving the Sanctity of The Left

An interesting and frankly frightening phenomenon is being observed in America today. It seems that the left has so demonized Fox News channel that they can't understand nor can they accept their candidates appearing on that channel. In their opinion they are legitimizing the enemy -- Faux News as it is called.

But it goes even further then Fox News.

This is a mere manifestation of the far left and their need to control every aspect of the Democratic Party. They have closed their mind to any opinion that does not fit their own and it is sacrilege for party members to break from the approved manifesto.

While this is very reminiscent of the Communist Party it reminded me even more of a eye opening example I observed while doing a post on desecration of the Koran.

During the research for that post I came across one of the, "Ask an Imam," sites with a question about a person who wanted to learn more about Islam and offered to exchange his bible for a Koran.

The answer from the Imam was that under no circumstances should the person accept the bible. They could loan the Koran if they believed there was a chance the person would read and learn from it -- but they could not accept the bible. Doing so might lead to corruption and temptation of the believer, even if he never intended on reading it and it would legitimize the bible and the person who believed in it. He could answer questions about the Koran but could not enter discussion of the bible.

In disallowing an open exchange of information with non-believers they preserve the sanctity of the believer, eliminate temptation, and insulate the religion from reform.

Sound familiar?

This same tactic allows true believers on the far left to justify their irrational hatred and proclivity to lash out at Fox News and people on the right. It allows justification of tactics designed to silence any opposing viewpoints, demonize opponents, and even attempt to criminalize those who don't hold your beliefs.

Again, sound familiar?

But perhaps I'm stretching things a bit, after all, no one on the left would lash out at anyone just for claiming (and backing it up) that Fox offers a pro-American view for middle America. And if they did, the surely wouldn't say you were not pro-American or imply you were a chicken hawk fascist, would they? (see comment #19 -- saved a copy in pdf format for posterity)

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