Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Sign Of Durbin's Times!

In June I commuted for an hour and a half each way and learned what the radical increase in gas prices means. One day while stopped at a busy intersection, two demonstrators came out with signboards strapped to them. One said something like: Al Gore fell on his head at birth. Drill for oil now! The appearance of such demonstrators is a sign of the times.

John McCain for President and Steve Sauerberg for U.S. Senator from Illinois are calling for nuclear power as well as more domestic oil drilling. Meanwhile, Democrats Obama and Dick Durbin do nothing on drilling. Recently Obama appeared with Al Gore in a show of Democratic unity. It unites him with the excess environmentalism of the past, which has been a stumbling block of Democratic candidates.

Durbin has been in Washington for decades and had ample time to fix the oil crisis. Obama is backed by a lot of western state environmentalists, as opposed to the blue collar people who backed Hillary and who need gas for their jobs. The Democrats continue to have a disdain for the average voters who need gas for their jobs.

We need to get new leadership now. For a change, see, and

James Thompson

Crystal Lake
Daily Herald Letters To The Editor

Via Steve Sauerberg for US Senate

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