Thursday, May 29, 2008

Comcast Down Two Nights -- All Night!

Wow, two nights with Comcast down. Last night it was not only the internet but the TV as well.

They had two trucks, a van, and a mobile lab/repair trailer with it's own generator and everything right down the road.

Last night they claimed it was scheduled maintenance, but as I asked them, "Since Comcast took over from Insight you have sent me 3 messages on the box about PPV WWE events, but you can't send me a message telling me you're going to shut me down all night?"

I know of no one who has been happy with Comcast since the transition earlier this year from Insight. Don't get me wrong, their customer service is friendly, but so far the internet is slow and unreliable.

Lets hope last nights maintenance takes care of that!

Wow, it looks like Comcast had their entire Email system hacked last night:
Blogosphere: Comcast Web Site, Email Hacked
Cable giant Comcast had its Web site and possibly some subscriber email accounts hacked early Thursday morning, according to numerous reports online.

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