Thursday, May 22, 2008

The World Is Safer Today Then In 2001 -- Huh, But Barack Keeps Sayin'...

It's all Bush's fault.
Terror attacks are down 40% since 2001.

Andrew Bolt and The Canadian Press reported this recent study:

A group of researchers from Simon Fraser University says global terrorism is on the decline, despite previous data and public perceptions that suggest otherwise.

The university's Human Security Report Project says fatalities from terrorist attacks around the world have, in fact, decreased by 40 per cent since 2001.
But... Sadly, there are those who believe that even with Saddam Hussein and the Taliban gone that America is somehow less safe today than before 9-11.

And... Total global terror attacks were down 40% late last year due to the 55% decrease in attacks in Iraq.

Gateway Pundit --I Blame Bush-- Terror Attacks Down 40% Since 2001

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