Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bush Triumphant In Europe

Real leaders know George Walker Bush is great.

The sniping from the left aside, Bush is one of the best presidents ever.

His tour of Europe shows that.

He stood up to terrorism and made the world safer.

Other world leaders know this. They appreciate the leadership that America again is showing the free world.

See the post by Don Surber for the list of honors and accomplishments, he continues:

History will record that the American Left which rooted for defeat in Iraq was wrong, wrong, wrong.

The world is safer because of George Bush and not just the false sense of security that it pretended it had in the 9/10 world.

That was why he was re-elected by 3 million people — one of the largest victories in American history. His 62 million votes were 15 million more than Bill Clinton ever received.

n the 9/12 world, Bush risked his political career to protect America and the free world.

Europe thanks him.


Don Surber -- Peer Review

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