Friday, June 20, 2008

Daily Trek -- June 20, 2008 AM

What'd I miss?

Basically a link dump of some of the stories that have backed up on my list. Let me know if you like the format.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist like McCain's drilling plan. Seems there is a delicate balance between the fear of losing business because people might see an oil rig and people not being able to afford the gas to get to Florida.

Speaking of offshore drilling, 67% approve of offshore drilling while only 18% disapprove.

For comparison, "Walt Disney World is roughly fifteen times the size of the proposed drilling area inside ANWR. Think about that. Not one. Not two. Fifteen."

Barack Obama's campaign even manages to misapply the lessons of Winnie the Pooh. When your winning you are inflicting pain, not bumping your head!

In complete denial of the facts and accomplishments, Obama's campaign says the War has been fought stupidly.

The charges were dismissed against one of the two remaining Marines accused after the events in Haditia. The prosecuters have since appealed to have the charges reinstated.

Cornell Professor doubles rice yield, I guess we can up how much of the world's food production we are responsible for.

US Doctors kill cancer using billions of a person's own cloned immune cells. I have always said I would rather get last year's cutting edge cancer treatment because it is what I could afford as long as someone was paying to develop this years cutting edge treatment that I could afford next year.

This week the Democrats countered Republican attacks on Obama's apparent pre 9/11 thinking by pointing out that Rudy Giuliani had pre 9/11 thinking......prior to 9/11 that is!

Obama's comments this week are consistent with his previous debate answer where he emphasized finding out who the terrorists were in an hypothetical attack. "Never once in this answer does Obama pledge to take action against terrorists who would have killed thousands of Americans once again in terrorist attacks."

It's gay pride month! In case you wondered why there was a story about a Gay Look, Gay Brain Differences, and The Evolutionary Reason for Gays all in the past week.

Foreign firms are beating American firms back into Iraq!

Western oil companies are returning to bid on Iraqi oil contracts, including Exxon Mobil, BP, Shell, and Total!

Bush proposed the following action on oil:
  1. Increase access to the outer continental shelf (OCS)
  2. Start using oil shale
  3. Use ANWR
  4. Expand refining capacity
At the same time the Senate Republicans run interference and block Democrat proposals that would only make things worse!

Another cease fire between Gaza (Hamas) and Israel. Chances of this one lasting, slim to none!

Even the LA times says Bush didn't lie about the war! Too late, it doesn't matter, the meme is sold. Consolidation prize, history books will have it right.

That's it for now. I have quite a bit more for one later today/tomorrow.

This format was carried over from my LifeTrek blog and it did get some compliments because it is quick and concise. Let me know if you like it and I will make it a regular.

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