Sunday, June 15, 2008

Floods Worsen

The streets in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - all 400 blocks of them - were filled with floodwaters and other strange sights: floating Dumpsters and utility poles and sandbags piled in vain.

The cresting Cedar River wreaked widespread havoc Friday on Iowa's second-largest city, forcing the evacuation of 3,000 homes and a downtown hospital while collapsing a railroad bridge.

Houseboats were swept away as the fast-rising river created a lake in downtown Cedar Rapids, where a breach in the levee turned roadways into waterways.

It was the worst Midwest flooding in 15 years, when the Cedar River crested at just over 19 feet - compared with a crest of more than 31 feet yesterday.

NY Daily News

Volunteers and homeowners bagged sand Saturday in a parking lot off of North Second Street, while rising floodwaters continued to threaten property along the Rock River.

Floodwaters rose at least three feet in some areas and will continue to rise until the river is expected to crest Tuesday. Saturday night, the river was threatening to inundate Bridge Street in Roscoe, reaching the road’s shoulder by 6 p.m.
had good news for beleaguered residents. A heavy thunderstorm was expected Saturday night and another today. But there is no more rain in the forecast until June 26.
Register Star

There is a thunderstorm outside and it's raining as I type this!

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