Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hey, Did You Know Someone Is Challenging Durbin For Sentate -- Meet Dr. Steve Sauerberg!

I like what he has to say.

Having watched Durbin on the news for years now I would add that Durbin is probably the most partisan politician in Washington today. He will do anything to prevent solutions that do not advance his party's ambitions (and thus his own as the second ranking Democrat in the Senate) no matter how much harm is done to Americans.

There are not many people in the world that can make my stomach turn as the speak, but within a couple of minutes of Durbin blaming everything on George Bush I really have to fight back the acid burps!

Here Dr. Steve Sauerberg's YouTube channel and here is his Senate Campaign Site. In case you forget his name he made the site easy to remember, Dr. Steve For Senate. It is also a pretty good campaign site, even including a multimedia page that includes his YouTube videos.

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