Monday, June 23, 2008

Manzullo Calls On Democrats To Allow Vote On Common Sense Domestic Energy Increase

From Congressman Manzullo's house site:

Congressman Don Manzullo (R-Egan) today echoed calls for House leaders to schedule votes on bills that will allow more domestic production of oil to reduce gas prices in America and end our addiction to costly foreign oil.

More than 112 billion barrels of oil exist within our borders and along our shores – enough to power 60 million cars for 60 years – and Americans should be allowed to extract the oil as part of our plan to reduce surging gas prices in America.

Unfortunately, House Democratic leaders have refused to call for a vote any legislation that allows extraction for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR – exploration would occur on 2,000 acres of the 19 million acre refuge), along the Outer Continental Shelf off our coasts (Congress banned drilling along the OCS in 1981), and on other federal lands in the United States. Manzullo added there are now more environmentally friendly and safer offshore oil and gas extraction methods today. Case in point – not a drop of oil was spilled from oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico when Hurricane Katrina passed over them nearly three years ago.

“The ultimate plan is for alternative energy – such as electricity, hydrogen or something not yet invented – to power our vehicles in the future, and I support comprehensive efforts to spur research and development on a host of alternative and renewable fuels. But the mass commercialization of those products could be many, many years away,” Manzullo said. “In the meantime, we must take additional steps to increase the supply of oil and gas in this country so we no longer have to rely on foreign countries that often don’t have our best interests at heart. Americans simply can’t afford to keep paying these surging gasoline costs at the pumps.”

Additional drilling was already part of Congress Manzullo's 12 point gas price reduction plan but this call for a vote is very welcome. Gas prices are hurting Northern Illinois particularly hard due to our regressive state sales tax and our higher then average unemployment rate.

So that no one is confused as to which party is the part of higher gas prices, the Republican controlled Congress approved drilling in ANWR in 1995 but Democratic President Clinton vetoed that measure. Every year thereafter until control of the house was lost to the Democrats in 2006 the house approved drilling in ANWR but were blocked by Senate Democrats. The Democrats mantra that the oil won't be available for years is amazingly short sighted and foolish -- does anyone really think we won't need that oil the minute it comes out of the ground years from now? (Not to mention the fact that we could have it by now if we had just taken action!) Not everyone will be able to get a new car in 5 or 10 years!

Congressman Manzullo's opponent, Robert Abboud would put party loyalty ahead of gas prices by bashing oil companies and hanging his hopes on alternative energy that ignores the reality of life for those of us who live in the 16th! Gas is not an option!

As an aside, as I have pointed out previously Manzullo's campaign site is really sad -- even his bio isn't on the bio page. It still says to check back later -- isn't there an election coming up? He has a bio on his congressional page that should be accurate, right?


Drew said...

Rather than consider constructive solutions to oil prices, Dems consistently use "big oil" as a diversion.

Many elitest Dems celebrate the higher gas prices, simply because it forces people to drive less. For them, the human consequences take a back seat to a fashionable "green" lifestyle.

Mass transit doesn't work everyone, and renewable energy can't bear the demands of America yet.

The good news is there's plenty of oil still right here, and gas could be cheaper with good policy.

The problem is, how do we get the Dems controlling congress to react. Don Manzullo's got the right idea.

LifeTrek said...

Your right! Bottom line is Democrats belief blame belongs with the American people. They can talk about oil companies and speculators, but at the heart of their argument is blaming you and I for gas prices among many other things.

Thanks for commenting Drew.

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