Friday, July 11, 2008

Are You Embarrassed (êtes-vous embarrassé)? Not One Bit -- But What An Attitude!

Barack Obama has scolded Americans for embarrassing him by failing to speak other languages while traveling abroad, yet forcing Europeans to speak English while here. Are you embarrassed, too? Don't be.
But no matter how humiliating Obama finds our monolingual ways, there's good reason why Americans don't have to speak foreign languages while others must speak English: The U.S. has unprecedented influence in international affairs, an indispensable role in global markets and economic superiority. Simply put, we are the world's dominant nation.

This is Obama's fifth such utterance or display of this type according to Bay Buchanan  who feels Obama has a patriotism problem that won't sell in middle America. The election will come down to Obama vs Obama. (Hannity and Colmes).

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Bob Novak explains why Obama keeps making these elitist statements, it's because he was brought up believing these very ideas.  I think it is also why neither Obama nor the left understand why anyone would object to what he says.  Novak also thinks it is a shame that Obama implies to Hispanics that learning English is not that important.

Via Redlasso


Anonymous said...

Isn't it a bit elitist to suggest that the world bend to our language? In terms of business, English and French are pretty dominant. I also think Obama was pandering to the hispanic vote when he suggested that everyone learn Spanish. In Europe, people learn multiple languages out of necessity due to the proximity of foreign language speaking countries/cities. This is no different from places like Miami where English-speaking locals learn Spanish in order to interact.

LifeTrek said...


I agree with you that Obama was pandering to Hispanics, and about the reasons for the multiple language zones.

However I have to correct your premise that we demand or the world speak English (bend to our language as you put it). That is just not how it works. In reality it's driven by the free market and the fact that the US is the leading economy in the world, creating about 27% of the worlds wealth each year.

If you want to improve your business you should learn the language of the country where you had the best shot at growth -- namely the US. You also have the advantage of all of the UK including all former colonies.

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