Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Daily Trek -- July 9, 2008

What'd I miss?

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Soros/Move on/Think Progress now sending librarians to harass John McCain.

John McCain says he will balance the budget in his term, Obama makes no pretenses of even trying!  Even the LA Times says he can't afford the total of his programs.

 Very telling video:  Banned!  Drew Carey covers the trend of banning everything imaginable!

"IRAQ WANTS A WITHDRAWAL TIMETABLE? They're talking 2011. Tell 'em "sure." There's probably a fair-sized haggling component here, but it doesn't matter: If they want us to leave, we should say "no problem." Saddam's gone, the insurgency's back is broken, and while big U.S. bases in the area might be a stabilizing force in the region, they might not. Leaving because the elected Iraqi government asks us to is winning, not turning tail and ensuring defeat, which is what we would have done had we listened to Obama, the Iraq Study Group, et al. a couple of years ago."

"Hundreds of men and women, many of them armed, line up in a marble hall inside one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces, waiting patiently for more than half an hour for their hero to turn up...The object of so much adulation is General David Petraeus, the 55-year-old commander of US and allied forces in Iraq."

Obama wants to speak July 24,th at the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin but Germans fear it would be seen as an endorsement of a presidential candidate!  It is quite a ploy after all JFK and Reagan both used the Gate as a places of change.

ACORN is again suspected of voter fraud interestingly Obama has closer ties then the media has let us know about.

British sources say the murder of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko was carried out with the backing of the Russian state.

Despite the bad news in the US both GM and Ford are doing quite well in China.

The situation is pathetic. No commentator seems to remember Clinton's veto of ANWR drilling. No commentator seems to remember the 2001 National Energy Policy proposal that had the nerve to suggest we start drilling for more oil in the United States. No commentator seems to know that oil exploration is already subject to "use it or lose it" provisions -- and that petroleum exploration typically goes forward when companies feel they'll make a profit, and doesn't when they don't.

You might not know this but Obama has a forum type group blog that has been filled, cleansed, and is now filling again with wacko supporters including antisemites.  What kind of an administration lets the loons loss with the keys?

Cheney reigned in the global warming nuts in the government driving the global warming nuts crazy!

San Bernardino county is rather pissed at San Francisco for their policy of shipping their illegal alien criminals out to the county and are suing to recoup the costs they have suffered as a result.

Will Obama's voting record hamper any moves he makes to move to the center?

 Money finds viable energy plans -- T Bone Pickens has an energy plan that doesn't include oil!

California is burning because of typical shift in climate systems (that last change in 1977) and not global warming as some have tried to say.  How do today's fires compare? “The scientists estimated that an average 4.4 million acres burned annually in California before 1800, compared with an average 250,000 acres a year in the last five decades, 1950 through 2000.”

Did Obama flip on his pledge not to run negative ads? Considering the facts here fall short in the attack it sure looks like it -- new politician my ...

Are oil prices at the peak of a bubble -- let's hope so! 

Old reflects McCain, Change reflects Obama -- but there is more in the details.  They both are positive negative neutral with the rest looking like this, ""military service" (9%), "record, qualifications" (8%), "strength" (7%), "Iraq, terrorism" (6%), "honest" (5%), "moral/good" (4%). Obama, on the other hand, was described by respondents as "lack of experience" (13%), "dishonest" (9%), "liberal" (6%), "young" (6%), "not likable" (5%), "Muslim" (3%)."

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