Saturday, July 5, 2008

Daily Trek -- June 5, 2008

What'd I miss?

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The US lifted it's moratorium on new solar energy projects out west.  There was concern about the environmental impact but they have wised up under pressure.

A 53 Second cartoon, Welcome Back Carter comparing Obama and Carter.  It's funny, but true.

"One of the fundamental differences between liberals and conservatives, perhaps the most important one politically, is what they think (or how they feel) about the United States. Conservatives think the U.S. is a great country. Liberals think it is a deeply flawed, but redeemable, country. Radicals think it is hopelessly bad and should be destroyed or remade."

Viacom may soon have access to YouTube user IDs, IP addresss and details of every video they've ever watched,  thanks to yesterday's district court order.  Blame Viacom, a huge media company, for not understanding 21st century media.

Obama was only able to buy his home because his friend, convicted felon Tony Rezko, purchased the lot next door.  Shortly thereafter Rezko received federal assistance in the purchase of 1000 rental units that became so rundown many weren't habitable.  Now there are questions about whether Obama received a sweetheart deal on his loan, possibly making him a member of the Subprime Six Seven.

Fascinating video of the worlds first computer design that was never built till now!

"Did you know that just a few months ago the government of Iraq signed a $5 billon dollar contract with Boeing for commercial airliners? Probably not. After all, this is a war for oil, right? Not a war for commercial airliners. Golly! Could it possibly have been a war to liberate a country and to create a beacon of freedom and entrepreneurship in the otherwise rancid Middle East?"

About those high oil prices, 14 members of the House and at least one Senator have holdings in the largest oil companies.  Locking up oil protects those investments no matter how much they criticize the CEO's.

Was successful Columbian hostage rescue only made possible because the fake NGO employees wore Che T-shirts?  Probably not, but it didn't hurt!

Obama has now flipped and moved right on abortion, nowclaiming that mental distress should not qualify as medical necessity for partial birth abortions.

"Barack Obama's policy switches are giving the Left whiplash -- The Democratic nominee's policy pivots are causing anguish among liberals. He is no fool."

With all these flips you have to wonder who the Rube is, the left, the MSM, or the American People. --
Plus this relating to misinformation in the NYT, "Dudes. In the just-decided Heller case, all nine of the Justices of the Supreme Court found that the Second Amendment describes an individual right to bear arms."

Ever wonder one of the ways they save money on Health care in Canada? They close nearby hospitals and pack them into the halls of the rest!


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