Friday, August 8, 2008

Daily Trek -- August 8, 2008

What'd I miss?

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Governor Blagojevich says he is considering speed cameras on the interstates to ticket speeders.  The money is to be used to assist crime fighting measures in Chicago.  Interestingly enough just yesterday I saw a photo showing a speed camera ticket of a car being towed for service over the speed limit.  I am fundamentally opposed to traffic cameras of any kind.

A man was arrested for planning to assassinate Barack Obama.  He had also made threats against President Bush but you wouldn't see that in CNN's report.

In Los Angeles there is a proposal to require any big box home-improvement stores to build a heated and cooled shelter, and toilet, for day laborers who often hang looking for work.

"Suddenly being green is not cool any more -- As the credit crunch bites, environmental policies are being ditched. But oddly we are doing better at saving the planet."

A seven year old gets it -- tells Michelle Obama we should finish what we started in Iraq. Barack, there is your hope for America.


"You Read it Here First: We Won the War"

 Mathew Sheffield reported today that Liberals are more than 12 times likely to use profanity than conservatives on the Web.

"Islamic Group Warns Muslims to Keep Children Away From Olympics (Video) -- 'Do not stay on the same bus, on the same train, on the same plane, in the same buildings, or any place the Chinese are.;"

 It seems that in the last two weeks John McCain has taken the lead in YouTube hits

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