Thursday, August 14, 2008

Winnebago County Stands Out Front In The Lead To Restore Gun Rights In Illinois -- Popular Revolt By Vote Possible!

Voters in Ogle County may soon join a growing number of Illinoisans who can cast a vote for president this November and, on the same ballot, decide whether their neighbor can pack a pistol.

An Ogle County Board committee approved a request from Winnebago County officials to place an advisory referendum on the November ballot asking Ogle voters whether they want to see concealed carry legislation in Illinois.

The request was one of the 101 unsolicited letters that Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen’s office sent to every county in the state about a week ago, putting Winnebago County on the front lines of a statewide concealed carry debate.
Representatives from other Illinois counties, including Effingham and LaSalle counties, also have looked favorably on Winnebago County’s referendum request in recent weeks.

For those not from the area, Winnebago County is the top center county on the map with Ogle directly below it.  Rockford, Illinois' third largest city is in Winnebago County.  To the East is Boone County which is set to take up the issue next month.

Illinois and Wisconsin are the only two states without some form of concealed carry and Winnebago County is considering a county law that would allow people to carry if they received a permit from the Sheriff, but a state law would be a far better alternative

For the history of Winnebago County's excellent leadership on the restoration of rights and the releasing the state from the death grip of Chicago see the concealed carry label here.


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M. Simon said...

You got 'lanched.

Way to go dude!

Carl H said...

Best wishes to you folks, and bad luck to Daley & Blagojevich. "Armed bodyguards for me, no self protection for thee" just won't cut it.

votingwhileintoxicated said...

It's about friggin time. Now, if only Wisconsin could be so lucky.

Anonymous said...

I live in DuPage, south of Winnebego and Ogle, and directly west of Chicago.
Who do I contact in my county to urge them to follow suit?

Anonymous said...


Contact your county board. To get up to speed on the effort you can check out the forums on

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