Monday, May 16, 2011

Kings of Non Sequiturs

Why doesn't any journalist ever call the Democrats and environmentalists on the non sequitur they continue to use by comparing total oil reserves to total usage?

"We can't drill our way out of this, we only have 2% of the known reserves yet we use 25% or the worlds oil!"

Ah, yes. Forget for a minute that you can't increase your known (proven) reserves without exploring for more oil (see Brazil 1995 vs Brazil 2011), the comparison is completely apples to oranges.

Untapped oil under ground /= (is not equal to) oil in the pipeline!

It is like saying that it won't do any good for the electric company to produce any more electricity because the factory down the road, where everyone in the town works (see how I did that), uses 25% of the electric company's power, despite the fact that the company has unused generating capacity equal to 2% of the world's generators AND they can always find more if the market were to call for it.

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