Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Honk honk, Get out of the way!

Only Democrats could conclude that putting Americans to work finding more oil won’t help our energy needs or the economy. Apparently they believe the only way to fix the “same failed ideas” is to give up oil and write new laws.

For various reasons OPEC nations can drill oil for dramatically lower prices then we can. It is not economically feasible for us to explore for oil when oil prices drop below a certain level. As a result when OPEC realized we were serious about exploration and alternatives in the 80's they flooded the market with cheap oil thus undercutting these enterprises. Even if we can't become energy independent (which we can't) we can at least have a greater control on our own economy and policies.

That is if the Government would get out of the way.

Powerline -- The Politics Of Oil

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