Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why Do Democrats Refuse To Believe Them?:

The messages in words and bombs indicate that al-Qaeda remains determined to fight on the Iraqi front, which Zawahiri once again called “the fortress” of al-Qaeda’s terror campaign and will keep directing resources towards this purpose.

But at the same time, the vocal anger and frustration reveal that al-Qaeda continues to lose allies and ground and that time on the long run is not on its side. Above all it means that those of us determined to fight terrorism must not lose resolve in this critical battle.

Al-Qaeda has made the Iraqi front its physical center of gravity, and so it’s exactly the place where we must fight, and win.

What do they have to do to get the left to believe them?

Pajamas Media notes changes in al Qaeda tactics and promises of a push that might corresponding with al Sadr's press on the government make make things rough between now and the election.


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