Thursday, June 12, 2008

House Votes To Remove A Tool To Defeat Our Enemies

The Democrats are angry. Despite investing enormous effort undermining the military, things are going fairly well in Iraq. General Petraeus and the surge have been a success, not that you would know that from the media coverage, which has been, to say the least, sparse. The anti-Bush themes of an "Iraqi quagmire" and "surge failure" were premature, and all the congressional show hearings, the choreographed Code Pink performance art and the smears were for naught. The president and the military did it right, and the Democrats got it wrong.

The House passed Amendment 56 to the Defense Authorization Act for FY 2009 (384 to 23 in a voice vote), prohibiting the Department of Defense (DOD) from engaging in publicity or "propaganda" programs, banning funding for such programs and calling for an investigation by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) into the DOD Military Analyst Program. The justification is that Pentagon briefings on current operations presented to retired military pundits amounted to manipulating the media, and that it deceived the public with false information about the Iraq war.

We won WWII on the back of propaganda.

What this insane policy would do is put into law the indignation of the left anytime the military attempts to save lives by providing information about American victories. Victories that would demoralize our (can I still say) enemies, the ones shooting at us.

It is part of the new leftist philosophy starting after WWII that said complete victory was wrong and all war, even wars to protect America can be rationalized as unnecessary and evil.

All the while al Qaeda can and will continue their propaganda efforts.

American Thinker -- Losing the Information War with Amendment 56

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