Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama's First Important Appointment Resigns -- Fabled Judgment ™ Shaky

Jim Johnson resigns Barack Obama's vice-presidential search committee.

Everyone and their brother expects the inevitable, "This isn't the Jim Johnson I once knew." Once again, we see that Obama's first instinct when encountering a skeptical questioner is to challenge the questioner; "no, you're wrong." Twenty-four hours ago, this was "a game" and Johnson didn't work for Obama. Once again, as with Wright, and the flag pin, and Trinity United, etc., the initial answer is now inoperative.

Bonus points to my campaign source who said yesterday "it's only a matter of time before Johnson's departure, because he costs the candidate a lot more than he benefits him."

UPDATE: A brilliant question from Campaign Spot reader Tim: "How do you accept the resignation of someone who doesn't work for you?"


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