Monday, June 9, 2008

Let The Demonizing Begin -- Obama Begins The General

So if Obama is this post-partisan political God why does he spend so much time demonizing John McCain, George Bush, and the Republicans?

He is the politics of hate, the left's modus operandi -- you know the one where they say the Republicans are mean, evil, and refuse to debate the issues -- all the while being mean, evil and refusing to debate the issues.

I saw three reports of Obama speeches today and in all three reports Obama attacked his opponents in a manner approaching nastiness. He doesn't attack the policies but his attack frames in the lefty mode of making it personal -- he doesn't care about the people.

That works to fire up the base but the rest of us are going to get very sick of it very quickly!

Sorry if this post rambles -- right after the first sentence mind fog set in and I really lost it, I could hardly finish this post.

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