Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not Only Are Democrats Pushing Up Gas Prices, They Prove Selfish Uncaring Citizens of The World!

Tens of thousands of Spanish lorry drivers have begun an indefinite strike over the soaring price of diesel, which has risen by 20% this year.

After stopping work at midnight, many disrupted traffic at one of the border crossings between Spain and France.

A number of lorries crossing the picket lines had their windscreens broken, lights ripped out and tyres slashed.

The government is preparing a package to assist the sector, with emergency loans and more flexible contracts.

It would also offer cash payments to older lorry drivers who are willing to retire.

French fishermen from Mediterranean ports have, meanwhile, joined fleets from other French ports in suspending their action pending an EU summit in Brussels later this month.

This is becoming an ongoing event in Europe! There will come a time and a price per barrel when the world looks at the US and wonders why we let the Democrats drive the world into recession for political gains. And they won't be able to blame George Bush, this one is all on them and their enviro-wacko allies.


BBC News

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