Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama Position Shift -- It's All About Politics!

Yet Another Major Obama Flip-Flop

Lately he's knocking McCain for supporting the Bear-Sterns "bailout."

At the time, he said it was different than a bailout -- he said it was intended (as it was) to forestall a "domino effect" that could have taken out the entire financial system in the US -- and that he would not "challenge" it.

But now that that crisis seems averted, he feels free to change his old position and attack McCain for a "bailout."

You're not supposed to say this, of course.... but Barack Obama is dumb. He just doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about most of the time -- pretty much any time he moves away from childish slogans about hope and change.

Is he being treated differently because he's a liberal, or because he's black? Probably both.


Ace Of Spades HQ --Yet Another Major Obama Flip-Flop


Chris B said...

I'd say it's fair to comment that you are fucking dumb, if you feel free to call him fucking dumb.

If you read that quote, it's clearly him trying to avoid the word bailout in an incredibly stressful economic situation. As an influential politician, he's got to be way more careful with his words than you apparently ever have to, and he understood that at the time and he understands that now. Take a step back from what you did. You looked at his words, and only his words, not his intent nor the situations involved. Multiply that by "people who affect the economy rather than write childish blogs", and you get potential for real economic panic over the use of a single word.

Good thing you're here to make up for all that positive media imagery surrounding black folk, though.

LifeTrek said...

Chris, not to call you dumb, but that is a quote -- you can tell it is a quote because it is offset like a quote.

And Wow -- just Wow on the, "black folk," line. I look forward to hearing that daily from you and those who see race in everything as you apparently do, you bigot!

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