Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama, Afghanistan, And Another Failed History Lesson

I really can't believe we have to go through this again but here we go.

History does not support Barack Obama and the Democrats criticism of Bush's handling of the Afghan front in the War on Terror.

Obama's plan of redeploying tens of thousands of additional troops from Iraq to Afghanistan to find one man and to quell an insurgent Taliban has been tried and failed miserably for the two Empires that tired that same strategy in the last couple of centuries. As a matter of fact the Soviet Afghan policy helped defeat the Soviet Union and the British Empire could never get a handle on the nation.

That is why the Bush administration's handling of the War on Terror has been so novel and successful so far -- they have managed to do what couldn't be done.

I have yet to see a single policy proposal by Senator Obama, whether it be domestic policy, foreign policy, or the conduct of the War on Terror that hasn't been tried and shown to be historically unworkable. But somehow Obama clings to them as if he can magically transform historically failed (and in some cases disastrously so) policies into modern day successes.

That is a common thread of the modern Democrat. The messianic belief that the same policies that have never worked anyplace and every time they have been tired can somehow be made to work now just because this time Barack Obama is the one implementing them.

Well, it is the policies that are flawed it doesn't matter who carries them out. Trumpeting them as change is either a fraud or a fundamental misunderstanding of history.

Is there no Democrat in politics today with a fundamental knowledge of history that can lend a hand to their standard bearer, for his and all of our sakes?

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