Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Daily Trek -- July 22, 2008

What'd I miss?

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"Coalition forces captured a Hezbollah propaganda agent who would upload video and photos on the internet in Baghdad today.  He was being paid by Iran."

Is McCain doing what needs to be done to beat Obama?  Rich Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru don't think so but have some advice!

Brokaw to Gore: Shouldn’t you be using less energy?  The answer just doesn't scream, "were all gonna die," the way Al does.  But if Al can't be bothered to cut back how are the rest of us who can't afford all the gadgets he now has supposed to get by in Al's world?

What's the truth about the U.N.'s campaign against gun ownership?

Nuclear energy is making a comeback, except for in Obama's energy policies!

A top Obama fundraiser has ties to a failed bank.  Add that to his piss poor judgment on personnel.

Louisianan has filed a request for a rehearing of the recently decided death penalty case because the court failed to discover a federal law imposing the same penalty for the same offense.  The decision was 5 to 4 and the lack of a federal law was one of the justifications for the decision.

McCain, who has managed to keep his name in the news despite Obama's Rainbow Tour is set to name his VP choice this week, according to Robert Novak.

75% support among the general public for allowing gays to serve in the military!

What if DNA matching statistics are wrong?  Could that be possible and what kind of mess could that be for criminal cases.

Much of Earth's oil reserves can be traced to a single volcanic eruption, scientists say.

Danika Patrick had an interesting altercation with another female driver who was anything but calm.  While Danika appeared composed her opponent, Milka, went so far as tossing two towels!

"North Dakota’s two newest ethanol factories have collected $1.78during the past six months, in part because high corn prices have made it difficult to profit from selling the alternative fuel."

"The world is failing to guard against the inevitable spread of a which could kill 50 million people and wreak massive disruption around the globe, the Government has warned."
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