Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McCain Pump Ad

I thought it was well thought out and powerful imagery.

Econopundit thought it was dumb to use a vintage gas pump, "suggesting McCain hasn't himself been physically present at a gas station in thirty years."

I disagree, from a marketing stand the gas pump used in the McCain ad conveys a message directly to the target audience, let's face it, McCain has little chance of getting the under 30 vote no matter what pump he uses.

However Americans in the heartland over 30 will recognize, and many will, as I did, flash back to when those pumps were used and recall the gas lines, shortages, and price increases that helped stagnate the country in the 70's.

Even if you weren't old enough to drive back then, I wasn't, those images were on the news and in documentaries and history books and they are a part of the imagery of the American collective conscience.

The chosen imagery works for it's intended purpose. I saw the ad this morning and can still visualize the pump in the water, alone, numbers rising and I still see the images of the 70's gas lines.

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