Friday, July 25, 2008

Daily Trek -- July 25, 2008

What'd I miss?

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Republican States Gaining Power At Next Reapportionment.  That won't help for 2008, but will in 2012.  See if your state is one of those gaining or losing representatives.  Illinois is set to lose one seat.

As predicted the increase in minimum wage seems to have been accompanied by an increase in unemployment and inflation.

Obama criticized the President for going to the opening ceremonies of the Olympics so it would be really odd if he were to sponsor the games on TV.  But he did.

Why did FARC trust the hostage rescuers?  They were dressed as reporters.

How do Iraqi Islamists punish someone for being gay?  Gay rape?   "The men realized he was gay, Kamal said, when he took his shirt off and they saw his chest was shaved."  But pluggin him in the butt, well that was their duty, they didn't enjoy it!

While Obama tours Europe McCain is running ads in every Berlin, Paris, and London here in the United States, you know where they can actually vote for him!

Keeping Promises Among Partners -- Condoleezza Rice makes a compelling argument for passage of the Columbia Free Trade Agreement.


Obama wondered if the President got to choose the new channel the military watches since all he saw was Fox News -- Too bad he is too partisan to bother with half the nation.

Man threatened, called racist for having an anti-Obama bumper sticker (showed someone peeing on the name Obama, image at link)

LA To ban building of fast food restaurants!

Obama is already working on his transition team and strategy!

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