Friday, July 25, 2008

Okay, Somebody Had To Say It -- Was Obama Orating Or Watching Wimbledon?

Obama gave his Berlin speech and it made me wonder if the art of public speaking has died for good.  Bush I was unmemorable, Clinton always sounded like he was reading, W, well you know, now we have McCain and Obama.

There are orators and there are readers, and there is a big difference.

Obama is a reader, or maybe he's watching Wimbledon, I can't tell but it hurts my neck to watch and completely distracted me:

Via Redlasso

That is SEVEN head flips in 26 seconds.

Another reader who needed a massage following this workout, great match:

Via Redlasso

NINE in thirty-nine.

Seriously, here is a comparison of two orators and Obama:
Via Redlasso

That's FIVE in twenty five, his head flips almost as fast as his positions!

Twenty one quick head flips in a minute and a half!  And not once did he look forward or even pause on the way round!


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