Thursday, July 10, 2008

Esquire To Publish Details Of Police File Of NIU Gunman Investigation

Information for the 12,400-word story came from interviews with Kazmierczak’s friends, including former girlfriend Jessica Baty, and a 1,500-page police file that included e-mail records, police reports from incidents when Kazmierczak was in high school, psychiatric evaluations, military records and interviews people gave police, according to Esquire. The magazine would not say how it got the file.

NIU Police Lt. Todd Henert said he didn’t know but was trying to determine which of several law-enforcement agencies involved with the investigation might have released the file.

This guy admired the plans the Columbine shooters used and the Virginia Tech gunman's chaining of the doors to prevent victims escaping.    The article discloses his previous suicide attempts as well as his, "sexual encounters with both women and men."

By the way, I lived down the block form Lt. Henert through High School!  This is a high school week I guess.

RRstar -- Esquire magazine: NIU gunman struggled with sexuality, admired Va. Tech shooter

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