Thursday, July 10, 2008

Winnebago County Continues It's March Toward Concealed Carry -- Wresting The Constitution Away From Daley/Chicago Control

Winnebago County, IL- Winnebago County voters will be getting a say in November on whether Illinois should become a conceal carry state. Thursday night the county board voted overwhelmingly in support of a proposal to put a referendum regarding conceal carry on the fall ballot. Come November Winnebago County voters will be facing one more question on their ballot: should the Illinois General Assembly create legislation allowing concealed firearms to be carried? ... Another measure that authorizes the sheriff to allow Winnebago County residents to carry concealed weapons still sits in subcommittee. The sheriff and state's attorney are worried such a plan may break state laws. But supporters say the referendum vote is a good indication of what the full board may decide when the issue goes before them this summer. "I think people pretty much have already decided what side of the issue they're on," says Owens. If the referendum passes, supporters are hopeful other counties will follow their lead in putting the question of conceal carry before voters.
This is a good move for the County. If the voters approve it by an overwhelmingly margin it will demonstrate to the Daley controlled state (and soon to be Fed's if Obama wins) that opinion has truly shifted from their 60's era oppression.

The Daley/Chicago gun control side knows this -- the gun control efforts will get statewide and possibly national support. This really needs organized support from statewide or national gun right organizations! Look for ads against this in the future.

Winning this is an important step forward in one of only 2 states without some form of concealed carry.

Then there are the politics of the issue -- I would enjoy seeing support for this from our elected representatives -- 21 to 5 is a dramatic vote in favor of letting the people choose. If that represents public opinion then it is a winning issue for whoever grabs hold first and loudest.

I would have to see the polls but I would think this would be advantageous for Congressman Manzullo in a year when Republican turnout may be depressed. Driving voter turnout on what is a conservative issue could help him if this gets the right support. However if the opportunity is missed and organizational efforts on the left exceed those on the right this could hurt him in the fall. Manzullo's campaign staff needs to do some outreach on this and, if nothing else suggest the Winnebago County Republicans get the jump on this one.

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