Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fox News Reports -- Obama Lowers Expectations, "May Be A Drop In Poll Numbers," From Overseas Campaigning

Reported on Fox and Friends today, but not online yet.  And since Redlasso has been shut by the likes of Fox News I can't show you.

Update:  Here you go -- NY Times reporting some of the same sentiments as Fox.

Perhaps he read this Rasmussen poll where 63% of Americans say his trip doesn't make him more fit to be President.  I think that was due to an error in judgment, he just couldn't help doing the German rally instead of just meeting the leaders of the world.  It made it look just like another campaign stop (in a country that can't vote) rather then a fact finding, experience gaining trip.

Power and Control makes this very excellent point:

In any case the differential between American growth rates and European growth rates is going to widen the divide. What can the Europeans do? Become more like Americans. In that sense his speech shows that Obama is going in the wrong direction. Americans do not want to join the European league (the phrase in America is bush league - har). He should at the very least be thinking of dragging Europe our way, rather than making efforts to drag America to theirs. That might have mitigated what will, I predict, be the downfall of the Obama campaign.

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