Sunday, July 6, 2008

One More Time -- We Are At War, Not Just Out To Capture One Man!

I can't believe anyone has to say this again.

I am amazed that the Democrats don't get it and disgusted that the media refuses to reinforce it.

Here goes:

We are fighting all terrorism.  We are intent on eliminating international terrorism by eliminating the willingness of any nation to host the terrorists and fracturing the command and control of current terror operations.

Bin Laden doesn't matter in the war, just as the capture of a single general didn't halt WWII Bin Laden's capture won't halt this war (it would however be a PR coup and demonstrate the futility of al Qaeda).

It is frightening that Democrats are so limited in their strategic thinking.  They appear to be so set on vengeance that Bin Laden is their only focus in the war, or is it merely the belief that his capture is the end all, final goal?  (Bush initially had the desire for revenge but quickly realized that he had to address the illness and the symptom.)

President Bush has failed by not pounding this home each and every day, but the Democrats and the MSM have completely blanked on this simply because it isn't their goal.  They seemed to understand early on, but for them to remember they would have to admit that Iraq was part of the same war, and they can't do that or they would lose any political advantage they might have.

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