Monday, July 14, 2008

The Wonders Of Capitalist System

In this post by Chuck Sweeny he wonders if 58,000 people died in Vietnam so we could have cheaper stuff.   This is my reply:

Looks to me that we are doing clean up of those last redoubts of communism after our victory in the Cold War. (Like wrapping up the Japanese holdouts on deserted islands)
Kruschev said he would bury us without going to war because communism was the better system and our own working class would be our undertakers. Fortunately he was wrong. He failed to understand human nature — the working class wants to be upper class and need the sense of accomplishment from working toward success! That is the beauty of capitalism, as the Chinese and soon the Vietnamese, are learning.
Mr. Myerson calls himself a ‘cockeyed optimist’ but it seems like more of the negativism you get from the rest of the Washington media.
That was attacked by a commenter known as "redrover" who attacked me for being, "a corporate sponsored traitor to American's values," and, "have ALWAYS needed and used slaves of one kind or another to buttress your business practices."

This is my reply:
Wow redrover, thank you for pointing out these glaring difficulties, for unwittingly reinforcing my point, and for actively making the system you decry work!

Your efforts should be applauded (minus the hyperbole that accuses everyone of being slave owners -- that was a bit over the line, but still, congratulations!)

Think about what your doing, your using the markets the very way capitalist pigs like me not only approve of, but praise!  I am completely seriously, this is not sarcasm!

What type of pressure can be applied to China that would work?  Force or financial pressure?  The threat of an attack or the threat of internal strife from being cut off financially because of human rights practices?  Market driven sanctions are far more effective at garnering change then are government mandated sanctions.

Today's information age has greatly reduced the need for government intervention in the free markets. Praise to you and others like you for using these tools of modern capitalism to press for change.  If it hadn't been for the financial pressure of consumers and investors many companies would still find it acceptable to use child labor, as their customers would never have forced change by threatening the companies market position.  There have been vast improvements worldwide as companies apply market driven pressure to their suppliers far more effectively then government ever could!

Up to 35 million Chinese died when Mao 'reformed' the Chinese economy (up to 60 million total as a direct result of Chinese communism), often of starvation.  Millions more suffered a drop in life expectancy due to lack of proper nutrition and access to proper health care and sanitation.  Yet as the economy is reformed again the Chinese life expectancy has risen (an 11 year average increase 1982 (60) to 2000 (71) and a huge increase of 2 years to 73 years by 2005, and a projected rise to 85 years by 2050 as people are lifted out of poverty).  That was only made  possible by the influx of capital and by people using the capitalist system effectively the way you have!

Capitalism is a wonderfully motivating system for positive change as you have proven!  It has built in incentives and rewards but it also has very effective market driven penalties that you have harnessed for good, working the system the way it was designed to work.  This is why capitalism beats communism every time.

Thank you again!  Even as you are forced to become that which you hate we do appreciate that sacrifice and your efforts.
I post because it demonstrates extremist behavior, proves a point, is entertaining, and it seemed worth posting.

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